News of 2017

30.04.2017 Design of exhibition identity The Entanglement by Dev Ethan Valladares.

30.04.2017 Artwork "Playing Angels" by Sandro del Prete.

28.04.2017 Artwork 'The Continuous Paradox' by Vidushi Prasad.

27.04.2017 Artwork "Not a Kandinsky - Only an Anamorphic Illustration" by Sandro del Prete.

26.04.2017 A video of drawing in impossible Hexacube on computer by Tiago Hands.

25.04.2017 Artwork "Cathedral with a Surrealistic, Paradoxial Perspective" by Sandro del Prete.

24.04.2017 Escher inspired artwork 'Hands Building Hands' by Grafx-Guy.

23.04.2017 Artwork "The Liberation of Andromeda" by Sandro del Prete.

21.04.2017 Sketches with impossible triangle by Aron Romero (mosesmopenmopper).

20.04.2017 Artwork "Limited View of Long-Forgotten Cultures" by Sandro del Prete.

19.04.2017 New 10 impossible figures by Bucwah were appended to the Figures Library.

18.04.2017 Artwork "The Match On or In the Box" by Sandro del Prete.

17.04.2017 Advertising images of Arup by Radoxist Studio.

15.04.2017 Artwork "Venice Carnival" by Sandro del Prete.

14.04.2017 Artwork "Bridge Crossing" by Vlad Alexeev.

13.04.2017 Artwork "Natural Body Painting" by Sandro del Prete.

12.04.2017 Logo of computer program Affinity designer.

11.04.2017 Artwork "The Light-Dispensing Faucet" by Sandro del Prete.

10.04.2017 Impossible triangle on map of West Virginia by Zachary Meade (Blacksaw).

10.04.2017 Artwork "Circus Nostalgia" by Sandro del Prete.

09.04.2017 New image with impossible figure by Tiago Hands.

09.04.2017 Artwork "The Golden Cage" by Sandro del Prete.

08.04.2017 Artwork of impossible figure in five colors by Naomi R. Masingale (Koui).

07.04.2017 Artwork "Self-Pouring Bottle on a Twisted Page" by Sandro del Prete.

06.04.2017 Images with impossible figures with perfumery on them for Teaser magazine by Fabian Hellgargt.

05.04.2017 Artwork "The Twisted Monastery Fortress" by Sandro del Prete.

04.04.2017 Tattoos with impossible figures by James Henderson (ifnotforgravity).

03.04.2017 Studies of an Impossible Topographic Distrortion by Sandro del Prete.

02.04.2017 Renderings of impossible figures by Lazlo Bagi Jr.

31.03.2017 Artwork "The Time Trauma" by Sandro del Prete.

30.03.2017 Artwork "The Red Room" by Vlad Alexeev.

29.03.2017 Artwork "The Transparent, Hollow Ring Disk" by Sandro del Prete.

28.03.2017 A fictional advertising of Enigma Tea by Ivan Davydov.

27.03.2017 Artwork "Transcendental Energy Flow in Space, Motion, and Time" by Sandro del Prete.

26.03.2017 Photomontage with Penrose triangle in landscape by Yaroslav Zinyukov.

25.03.2017 Artwork "The Bridge of Life" by Sandro del Prete.

24.03.2017 Poster of art exhibiton Rundgang 2013 by Denis Yilmaz.

22.03.2017 Artwork "The Pursuit of the Lizards" by Sandro del Prete.

20.03.2017 Font with impossible figures ABEGON by Nik Fabrizius.

19.03.2017 Artwork "New Figure: The Impossible Ring Disk with Two Sides and Two Edges" by Sandro del Prete.

18.03.2017 Artwork "MISSinterpretation" by Sandro del Prete.

17.03.2017 Artwork, which was inspired by Belvedere and Waterfall by Escher. Author - Daniel Nieto.

16.03.2017 Artwork "Perspective" by Sandro del Prete.

15.03.2017 Screenshot from movie Knockaround Guys.

14.03.2017 Artwork "The Polarization Grid" by Sandro del Prete.

13.03.2017 Escher inspired cellar in Relativity style by Kevin House.

12.03.2017 Artwork "The Erotic Zipper" by Sandro del Prete.

12.03.2017 Pencil image of endless staircase grid by Tiago Hands.

11.03.2017 Artwork "The Wine Thieves" by Sandro del Prete.

10.03.2017 Tattoo sketches with impossible figures by Stuart Macdonald.

09.03.2017 Artwork "The Flying House" by Sandro del Prete.

08.03.2017 Computer image of impossible bicycle by Gaston Martino.

07.03.2017 Artwork "The Babe" by Sandro del Prete.

06.03.2017 New image "Impossible cars" by Antonio Eder.

05.03.2017 Artwork "Three Lights" by Sandro del Prete.

04.03.2017 Album cover of prog-metal group Need - "Hegaiamas: A Song For freedom".

03.03.2017 Artwork "The Gamekeeper Narrates" by Sandro del Prete.

01.03.2017 Advertising images Nixon watches by Le Quartier Studio.

28.02.2017 Artwork "The Never-ending Story of the Image in the Illustration" by Sandro del Prete.

27.02.2017 Wooden works with form of impossible figures by EleventyOneStudio.

26.02.2017 Artwork "The Juggler and the Jester" by Sandro del Prete.

25.02.2017 Computer artwork with impossible waterfall by Anya Kardash.

24.02.2017 Artwork "Knight of the Apocalypse" by Sandro del Prete.

23.02.2017 Poster with impossible figures by El Senor Gomez.

22.02.2017 Artwork "The Sculptor, the Dragon and the Virgin" by Sandro del Prete.

21.02.2017 Computer images of world famous places on impossible triangles by New Idea Studio.

20.02.2017 Artwork "Violence and Tenderness" by Sandro del Prete.

19.02.2017 Iranian stamp with impossible rectangle.

18.02.2017 Artwork "The Magic Window" by Sandro del Prete.

18.02.2017 Impossible triangle with dogs and squirrel by Rich Skipworth.

16.02.2017 Artwork "Sunrise in the Nature Reserve" by Sandro del Prete.

15.02.2017 A photomontage of impossible chessboard by Brigitte Kuckenberg-Wagner(Ottilia).

14.02.2017 Artwork "Romeo and Juliet" by Sandro del Prete.

12.02.2017 Tattoos with impossible triangles by Kevin Cole (umbrellaink).

11.02.2017 New photo montage "Impossible book" by Ricardo Baigorria.

10.02.2017 Artwork "The Hand and the Dancer" by Sandro del Prete.

09.02.2017 Tattoo sketches with impossible triangles by Ricckyy05.

07.02.2017 Artwork "The Bath Towel" by Sandro del Prete.

06.02.2017 New artwork "Deviation" by Erik Johansson.

05.02.2017 Artwork "Invisible Neptune" by Sandro del Prete.

04.02.2017 Computer images of impossible architecture by Vovus

03.02.2017 Artwork "The Astronomical Sundial" by Sandro del Prete.

02.02.2017 Advertising images for Stone Tile by Em Cheng.

01.02.2017 Artwork "The Railway Bridge" by Sandro del Prete.

31.01.2017 Logo of IT SEC company, which produces informational security solutions.

29.01.2017 Artwork "The Spiral Staircase to the Belvedere" by Sandro del Prete.

18.01.2017 Artwork "Double Castle" by Vlad Alexeev.

17.01.2017 Album cover and logo of progressive band Minor Plains.

16.01.2017 Artwork "The Twisted Pergola" by Sandro del Prete.

15.01.2017 New image "Unpossible rooms" by Scott Teplin.

14.01.2017 Artwork "The Crazy Table" by Sandro del Prete.

13.01.2017 Tattoo with impossible triangle on scroll by Jopie Lee.

12.01.2017 Artwork "The Warped Chessboard" by Sandro del Prete.

11.01.2017 Nicely rendered classic impossible figures by Q'Ri S.

09.01.2017 Artwork "Homage to Leonardo da Vinci" by Sandro del Prete.

08.01.2017 New artwork "Eyes" by Andreas Aronsson.

07.01.2017 Artwork "Secret Between Autumn Leaves" by Sandro del Prete.

06.01.2017 Calendar 2014 with distorted impossible figures by Anthony Tournadre.

05.01.2017 Artwork "Saint George and the Dragon" by Sandro del Prete.

05.01.2017 Tattoo sketches with impossible triangles by Chris Hill (armslikewings).

04.01.2017 Artwork "Between Illusoria and Reality" by Sandro del Prete.

03.01.2017 27 new images by Viktor Fesenko.

02.01.2017 Artwork "The Goose Queen" by Sandro del Prete.

01.01.2017 Poster with impossible contruction by Brad Klausen.

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