Adventures with Impossible Figures



It is outside the scope of this book to give a complete list of the books and articles which have been written about impossible figures.

We name in particular one remarkable and readable article, which has an extensive bibliography.

Z.Kulpa: Are impossible figures possible?: Signal Processing, vol. 5, no.3.(1983), 201-220.

The six books listed below contain a great number of works of art based on impossible figures.

Sandro del Prete: Illusorismen Bentelli Verlag, Bern (3rd impression) 1984

Franco Grignani: A methodology of vision Milan 1975

Mitsumasa Anno: Jeux de construction L'Ecole, Paris 1970

Toshihiro Katayama: Visual construction, square movement, topology, hommage to the cube Tokyo 1981.

Oscar Reutersvärd: Onmogelijke figuren Meulenhoff/Landshoff, Amsterdam 1983

Oscar Reutersvärd: Onmojliga figurer i farg Doxa, Lund 1985.
(This book is a different collection from the previous book).

Other Books by Bruno Ernst

The Magic Mirror of M.C.Escher Tarquin 1986 (reprint of Ballantine 1976)

M.C.Escher, his life and complete graphic work Abrams, New York.(co-author)