Rotation of the figure that forms the impossible triange
(GIF - 71K)
Animated Escher's image "Ascending and Descending"
(GIF - 40K)
Escher's waterfall with gargoyles
(GIF - 600K)
Threee animated wireframe triangles
Animated impossible triangle of cubes
(GIF - 220K)
Animated endless staircase
(GIF - 240K)
Animated impossible ring
(GIF - 950K)
Animated artworks by Bill Tavis
(GIF - 144K, 258K)
Animated impossible band
(GIF - 507K)
Animations by Owen Chikazawa (~5.5M)
Impossible construction (~1.0M) Animation of impossible triangle
(GIF - 970K)
Escher inspired animations (~1.0M) Penrose Hug
(GIF - 500K)
Animations with rainbow colors
(GIF - 600K)
Animated Escher's Waterfall
(GIF - 230K)
Animation of impossible rotating ring
(GIF - 1.6M)
Twins in the Loop
(GIF - 480K)

Other clips
Rotation of crazy crate. This animation was made using raytracing program. Crazy crate is represented in perspective (not japanese projection). Crate's shadows were showed.