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Abel Grimmer

Abel Grimmer - "The Flemish Proverbs"

The Flemish Preverbs
(Oil on canvas)

There's impossible gallows in the right upper corner of the artwork. You can see enlarged part of the artwork with the gallows.

The part of the artwork with the gallows

Abel Grimmer (1570 - 1619) - flemish Baroque Era painter. His father Jacob Grimmer was also artist. He married Catharina Lescornet on 29 September 1591 and in 1592 became a master in the Antwerp Guild of St Luke. He is principally known for his numerous small paintings of country scenes, sometimes with a biblical theme, which often form part of a series of the Four Seasons or the Months of the Year. Some of these paintings were inspired by or even copied from prints by Pieter Bruegel I and Hans Bol, both of whose work strongly influenced Abel, even more so than did the example of his fatherís work, which was also an important source of inspiration.