Impossible alphabets and fonts

Denedo font with impossible figures Impossible English alphabet by Jens Malmgreen
Impossible Spanish alphabet by Vicente Meavilla Seguí Impossible Georgian alphabet by Joseph Alexandrovich Chkhartishvili
Impossible alphabet with rotated letters by David Macdonald Typographisme by Laurent Lacroix
Font Isosiblia by Ridrigo Fuenzalida from Venezuela Alphabet inspired by artworks of M.C. Escher by Luis Rafael Bonilla
Alphabet with impossible figures by Miwa Miwa Alphabet with some letters as impossible figures by Pat Mehbrei
Alphabet with ambiguous impossible letter by Tsuneo Taniuchi from Japan TrueType font Escheresk with many impossible structures by Tobias Sommer.
Font Priori Acute by Jonathan Barnbrook Optical illusion font by Regan Fred Johnson
Paradox typeface by Luke Klenske Impossible numbers by Ian Edward Thorpe
Font Macula by Jacques Le Bailly Font FRUSTRO by Martzi Hegedüs
Type project by Jan Vitásek Penrose typeface by Taylor Yoder.
Impossible font by Cécile Peschier. Impossible letters in Oscar Reutersvärd style by Alfalfa studio.
Lettering "POWER", which consists of impossible letters, by Samuel Carter Mensah. Vector font Penrose Geometric by André Themoteo Alves Corrêa
Serif font with impossible letters "Penrose SlabSerif" Font Soma with cubic glyphs by Wilson Thomas.
Font Penrose Regular with ambiguous letters by Etienne Vles. Surreal 3D typeface by acct88
Impossible Chinese hieroglyphs by Satos Chen. The Impossible Alphabet by Alan Tran
Impossible alphabet by David Group Font ABEGON by Nik Fabrizius
Impossible lettering of word LOVE by C-Front