Steve Leishman, Peter Quigley

Several images from a visual essay "The Impossible University" are represented here. All of them are edited photos of various places in the University of Adelaide (Australia). Most of them are based on ideas of famous imp-art artists such as Oscar Reutersvärd, M.C. Escher etc.

Photography by Steve Leishman and Peter Quigley. Special effects artwork by Peter Quigley.

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The statue of Sir Thomas Elder
The statue of Sir Thomas Elder, which on a plinth with impossible steps.
Impossible bicycle racks Impossible bicycle racks
Impossible bicycle racks.
Impossible columnade Inconsistent steps
The arches remind us of Escher's "Belvedere". Inconsisted steps near
the west wing of Bonython Hall.
Strange occlusions at the Plaza Impossible stairs at the Plaza
The strange occlusions of the pergola
at the the Hughes Plaza
The strange stairs at the Plaza
reminds us images of Reutersvärd
Impossible triangle
The Elder Hall has in its brickwork an impossible triangle.