Vicente Meavilla Seguí

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Biographical Facts

Vicente MEAVILLA SEGUÍ was born in Mahón (Spain) on April 26 1949. He is married and has a son (computer engineer) and a daughter (pediatrician). He has a Bachelor's Degree in Science (Mathematics) from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and a Doctorate Degree in Arts (Pedagogy) from the Autonomus University of Barcelona (Spain).

He is currently retired and is dedicated to drawing and writing.

Work Outline: Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

–Research on the influence of social interactions for the learning of school algebra.

–The history of mathematics as a didactic resource.


He is the author of twenty three books about the history and didactic of mathematics. He has also written numerous articles about the teaching and learning of Maths and has given communications and reports on the same subject in national and international conferences. At the end of 2004 new book "Figuras Imposibles" by Vicente Meavilla was published.

Drawing and Painting

His style may be set in a surrealistic framework. His technique is pointillistic and he uses felt-tip pens to colour his compositions. The particular features of his drawngs you can see on the partial view of his work "Impossible U". The subject of his work is centred mainly on the impossible figures.