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The Art of the Illusion

The Art of the Illusion

Brad Honeycutt and Terry Stickels
The Art of the Illusion

The Art of the Illusion is richest and most diverse collection of illusionary art evert assembled in one book. Here, you can see more than 200 artworks, which cover all kinds of illusions. You will find works of famous artists, who became classic, such as M.C. Escher, Rob Gonsalves, Jos de Mey, Sandro del Prete and Octavio Ocampo. Also, works of modern artists are represented too, such as Andreas Aronsson and Gianni A Sarcone.

Each page show us single artwork, so we can take pleasure in contemplation of images in very good quality clearly seeing all details. Provided for every artwork short explanations allow exact understanding of what is painted.

The foreword was written by Skott Kim, who is well known by his puzzles and ambigrams. He takes a quick tour by all known kinds of illusions.

The book will be a good guide in the world illusions for all, who is interested in eye deceptions.

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