News of 2005

30.12.2005 New artwork by Vicente Meavilla Seguí "Hand, Eyes and Polyhedrons"

25.12.2005 Article about Escher's artwork "Print Gallery" "M.C. Escher: More Mathematics Than Meets The Eye"

23.12.2005 New artwork by Vicente Meavilla Seguí "Archimedian Dream"

15.12.2005 Logotypes of motor-car company Renault

07.12.2005 New section "Sculptures of impossible figures" was opened

03.12.2005 Six artworks by Istvan Orosz were appended

30.11.2005 Three artworks by Peter Raedschelders were appended
Two artwork by unknown artists were appended

22.11.2005 30 new figures were appended to figures library. See [page 1], [page 2], [page 3].

13.11.2005 Three postage stamps with impossible figures were appended

07.11.2005 Three paintings by Gianni A. Sarcone were appended
Two cartoons by Harry Blair were appended

05.11.2005 A new artwork by Jason Cannon was appended
Two artworks by holland artist Hendrik Arie Baartman were appended
A cartoon by Harry Blair was appended

01.11.2005 60 figures were appended to figures library. See [page 1], [page 2], [page 3], [page 4], [page 5], [page 6].
Animation of impossible triangle
26 arworks by german artist Hermann Paulsen were appended
Logo of the britain rock group Van Der Graaf Generator
Article "Impossible figures in the real world"
3 artwroks by Jason Cannon were appended
Artwork by Frans Erens was appended
Artworks by Govert Shilling were appended
Artwork by Pete Kelly was appended
Impossible pyramid by unknown artist was appended
Image of impossible dogs was appended to the section "Impossible animals"

23.09.2005 17 arworks by spanish artist Hosé María Yturralde were appended

18.09.2005 3 artoworks by Gianni A. Sarcone were appended

15.09.2005 A new artwork by Stefan Jeppsson with motion illusion was appended.

06.09.2005 New design of the site was introduced.

26.06.2005 3 artworks by Norman Parker were appended
Artwork "Castle of Illusions" by Irvine Peacock was appended

13.06.2005 2 artworks by Robert Kauffmann were appended

30.05.2005 5 new artworks by Stefan Jeppsson were appended

23.05.2005 3 computer artworks by swedish artist Stefan Jeppsson were appended

17.05.2005 15 artworks by Oscar Reutersvärd with flags of Western European countries

15.05.2005 18 arworks by Oscar Reutersvärd were appended

12.05.2005 Artwork by E.W. Powell inspired by Escher's artwork "Waterfall"

05.05.2005 Artwork by Jason Cannon "Trojan Horse" was added

27.04.2005 Logo of Lemert Group company
New artwork by Vicente Meavilla "Auschwitz"