Here, you can see images of posters with impossible figures.

A great number of posters with impossible figures were created by Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz. They were not included here, because they are in the large gallery of his artworks.

You can see posters of other artists below.

A poster for Expo 86 by Nelu Wolfensohn. A poster with impossible steel construction by TJPoo
A poster for drum & bass party in Izhevsk (Russia) Poster for theater show "The Stone Guest", which was in Kaluga (Russia) in spring of 2010
Poster for the musical festival Nuits Carrees 2010 Original Polish poster for movie "Stat Trek IV: The Voyage Home"
Graphic image for Laboratorio de la Fabricación Exhibition by Marta Veludo Series of posters "Imagine the possibilities" by Robert Horne
Poster by Alastair Maceachern for Roddy Woomble promoting his new album. Poster of the science center Explora in Frankfurt for year 2010 of Goethe
Poster by Anke Verhaegen (xNoFairytales) for Christopher Nolan's film Inception. Posters with impossible figures by Shigeo Fukuda
A poster for the film "The Cabin in the Woods" Poster for the second film of Urusei Yatsura anime series.
Poster for the movie movie Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Poster for one episode of the British science-fiction drama Doctor Who.
Poster of design show with broken impossible triangle Poster with impossible figure by Nicholas Koh
Poster for musical event by Adam Aczkov Poster for one show of rock group Deportivo.
Ambiguos poster by Brad Klausen Offical poster of mosical duo Hammock
Poster of modern art exhibition Rundgang 2013 by Denis Yilmaz. A poster of a psychological thriller "Pet".
A poster for Puppet Theatre Festival 2015. A poster from Kyushu University
A poster Happy Day of Design 2018 by Bezier Studio A poster by Karl-Heinz Drescher
Poster for exhibition of works by Vyacheslav Koleychuk