News of 2006

29.12.2006 Article about hypercube

26.12.2006 A new artwork by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

24.12.2006 Article about Klein bottle

21.12.2006 Article about endless staircase

19.12.2006 Article about impossible trident

18.12.2006 Article about impossible triangle

16.12.2006 Article about Möbius strip

10.12.2006 Paradoxial ads of sport shoes
Montage by Christiane Mandt

04.12.2006 Cube houses in Rotterdam

03.12.2006 "Escher seaside..." artwork

02.12.2006 Impossible fractals

01.12.2006 Rendering of basic impossible figures by Oleg Zhevelev

13.11.2006 Biography of sir Roger Penrose

10.11.2006 Rendering of Escher's "Relativity"
Artwork by Istvan Orosz and two pastage stamps

06.11.2006 Impossible figures in pixel art

04.11.2006 Four impossible logos were appended

03.11.2006 Extraordinary sand sculpture based on Escher's lithograph "Ascending and Descending" by Dave Barlow

02.11.2006 Artworks by Ineke Disveld

30.10.2006 An artwork by Brian Collins devoted to M.C. Escher

01.10.2006 10 figures were appended to figure library
An hommage to Escher by Martin Kay

24.09.2006 A crop circle with impossible triangle

21.09.2006 Escher-like artworks by Eef and Rachael Tallamy

17.09.2006 Computer images by Zsolt M. Kovacs-Vajna, jakew, Jorn Göllob

10.09.2006 Wood artworks by Phil Allin "Carving Hands" and "Stars"

09.09.2006 Impossible electric wires by Matthias Hommes and Vlad Alexeev

27.08.2006 18 paintings by Natalia Ivanova were appended

20.08.2006 A sand sculpture which was inspired by Escher's litograph "Ascending and Descending"

14.08.2006 Image of a girl by Eugenia Ugolnikova

10.08.2006 Two images by Julia Dovgaya were appended

05.08.2006 Impossible sculptures by Walter Wick and Iare Tosevite

23.07.2006 Covers of popular scientific russian magazine "Kvant" about phisics and mathematics.

21.07.2006 Magazine covers in which impossible figures were used

18.07.2006 Photos of artworks by Neil Moffatt and Hans Schepker

04.07.2006 Large update of the section "Applied art"
Impossible traffic lights by ProgVBV

11.06.2006 Four artworks by Oscar Reutersvard were appended

09.06.2006 Computer versions of Escher's artworks "Reptiles" and "Another World II"

04.06.2006 Article "Some common themes in visual mathematical art"

20.05.2006 7 recent artworks by Jos de Mey were appended

07.05.2006 Artwork by Roger Haiward
Artwork by Jeri Riggs
Artwork by unknown artist with infinity hands.

25.04.2006 A computer artwork by Emanuel Brito was appended.
A sculpture of impossible triangle by Mathieu Hemaekers was appended.

14.04.2006 Computer artwork "Checkmate"
Artwork by unknown artist "Escher Sketch"
3D interpretation of Escher's artwork "Relativity" by Elber Gershon

08.04.2006 Artworks by unknown artists were appended [page 1], [page 2], [page 3].

30.03.2006 Frames from video rolics Escher Virtual Ride Revisited

29.03.2006 Animated image by M.C. Escher "Ascending and Descending"

26.03.2006 A photo montage variation on Escher's "Drawing Hands" by Alex Marinin

23.03.2006 A new section "Cartoons with impossible figures" was opened

18.03.2006 Impossible figures in motion picture and animation films

11.03.2006 Computer images by R. Ausbourne and Tony Azevedo

04.03.2006 Impossible sculptures by Nobuyuki Yoshigahara

02.03.2006 A new artwork by Eve Prädelt "Bauseisen"

01.03.2006 A new spring design of the website was introduced

25.02.2006 A logo of insurance company ASKO

23.02.2006 A russian orthodox icon "Last Judgement"

22.02.2006 Computer images that were created with help of special programms written in Delphi

15.02.2006 An artwork by Eve Prädelt "Playground"

07.02.2006 Two artworks by Eve Prädelt were appended [Page 1], [Page 2]

04.02.2006 20 new figures were appended to Figure Library [page 1], [page 2].

01.02.2006 A photo-montage by Heinz Hanka was appended

28.01.2006 Three artworks by Sandro del Prete were appended

27.01.2006 Three artworks by Chris Miles

25.01.2006 ASCII art. Impossible figures that were made of characters

19.01.2006 New artwork by Vicente Meavilla "Self portrait"
Three new figures by Oscar Reutervard were appended

18.01.2006 Two artworks by Victor Vasarely were appended

13.01.2006 Impossible triangle in the church of Holy Trinity in Burrington (Devon)
Miniature "Madonna and child"

10.01.2006 A new addition to article "Impossible figures in real world"

02.01.2006 Artwork by Irvine Peacock "Temple of Possibilities"
A copy of Escher's artwork "Ascending and Descending"

01.01.2006 7 artworks by Dmitry Rakov were appended