News of 2016

30.12.2016 Artwork "The Blooming of Love" by Sandro del Prete

29.12.2016 80 new images by Viktor Fesenko were appended.

27.12.2016 Artwork "Love Poem of the Dolphins" by Sandro del Prete.

26.12.2016 Computer image with child and Reutersvard's impossible figure by Domenico di Francia K. (Keneru92).

24.12.2016 Artwork "Bullfight" by Sandro del Prete.

23.12.2016 Computer image with impossible triangle by Pixel Burnt.

22.12.2016 Artwork "Guitar Music it the Well" by Sandro del Prete.

21.12.2016 Computer artwork with tangled impossible figure by Jon Ellis (QubixDesign).

20.12.2016 Artwork "Amor a Roma" by Sandro del Prete.

19.12.2016 Artworks with impossible triangles by Jukenos.

18.12.2016 Artwork "Con-Cave-Vex Atrium" by Sandro del Prete

17.12.2016 Enamel artwork by Ivan Bondarenko.

15.12.2016 Artwork "House Without a Courtyard" by Sandro del Prete.

12.12.2016 Artwork "Alien Sun - 13 (Cubic explosion)" by Vlad Alexeev.

11.12.2016 Artwork "Fata Morgana" by Sandro del Prete.

09.12.2016 A wonderful artwork with impossible triangle by Dashkentus.

08.12.2016 Artwork "The Little Voyeur's Great Mishap" by Sandro del Prete.

07.12.2016 Artwork "Hercules" by Gianni A. Sarcone

06.12.2016 Artwork "In a Ticino Village" by Sandro del Prete.

05.12.2016 Enamel works with impossible figures by Natalia Pikina.

04.12.2016 Artwork "In a Hat Shop" by Sandro del Prete.

03.12.2016 Coin of Azerbaijan by logo of TANAP gas pipeline.

02.12.2016 Artwork "Don Quixote" by Sandro del Prete.

01.12.2016 Pencil sketch with impossible cube by Haley Matheny (marvelousmaybe).

30.11.2016 Artwork "Bullock and Nomad" by Sandro del Prete.

29.11.2016 Metal gate with illusion.

28.11.2016 Artwork "The Festival of Bacchus" by Sandro del Prete.

27.11.2016 Tattoos and sketches with impossible figures by Jonathan Cloutier.

27.11.2016 Artwork "Spring in the Illustration Gallery" by Sandro del Prete.

26.11.2016 Enamel works with impossible figures by Taisia Shalaeva.

25.11.2016 Artwork "The Wine Cellar" by Sandro del Prete.

24.11.2016 Logo of TANAP with impossible sennit.

23.11.2016 Artwork "The Impossible Scaffolding" by Sandro del Prete.

22.11.2016 Artwork "Alien Sun - 12 (Bubbles)" by Vlad Alexeev.

21.11.2016 Cartoon with illusionist and impossible triangle by Catherine Hannford (Rincat21).

20.11.2016 Artwork "The Window Gazers" by Sandro del Prete.

20.11.2016 15 new artworks of impossible figures by Regolino Bizzi (odonodo, regolo54) were appended.

18.11.2016 Artwork "The Garden Fence" by Sandro del Prete.

17.11.2016 Escher inspired animation for Nickelodeon's 25 Years of Animation celebration by Arin Hanson(Egoraptor).

15.11.2016 Enamel worh with impossible figure by Igor Susorov.

14.11.2016 Artwork "The Rocking Horse Swing Named Pegasus" by Sandro del Prete.

12.11.2016 Artwork "Quadrature of the Wheel" by Sandro del Prete.

11.11.2016 Millipedes traveling through the 5th dimension by Vincent Fink.

10.11.2016 Artwork "The Crusader of the Lattice Fence" by Sandro del Prete.

09.11.2016 Computer image with complex impossible triangle by Liam Camp.

08.11.2016 Artwork "Cosmic Wheels" by Sandro del Prete.

07.11.2016 Video with real impossible figure, constructed from wood.

05.11.2016 Artwork "Gateway to the Fourth Dimension" by Sandro del Prete.

04.11.2016 Hot enamel work with impossible figure by Natalia Titova.

02.11.2016 Artwork "Ascent and Descent" by Sandro del Prete.

02.11.2016 New artwork "Arrow" by Andreas Aronsson.

31.10.2016 Artwork "Einstein" by Sandro del Prete.

30.10.2016 Artwork "Alien Sun - 11 (Cheese Planet)" by Vlad Alexeev.

29.10.2016 Artwork "Evolution of Power" by Sandro del Prete.

29.10.2016 Artwork with impossible cube by Claire Borwell.

28.10.2016 Artwork "The Columns" by Sandro del Prete.

27.10.2016 Tattoo on hand with complex impossible triangle by

26.10.2016 Artwork "The Discovery of Illusorism" by Sandro del Prete.

26.10.2016 Computer image "Trinfinity" by Mauru Grafix.

25.10.2016 Artwork "The Silent Wail of a Crinkled Piece of Paper" by Sandro del Prete.

22.10.2016 Artwork "The Endless Towers" by Sandro del Prete.

21.10.2016 6 new images of impossible figures by Ricky Leone.

20.10.2016 Artwork "Millenium Watch" by Sandro del Prete.

19.10.2016 Tattoos and sketches with impossible triangles by Demetrius Mavromatis.

18.10.2016 Artwork "Spectacled Subject" by Sandro del Prete.

17.10.2016 Enamel work "The Town" by Anna Sohach.

16.10.2016 Artwork "Alien sun - 10 (Under Crystal Sky)" by Vlad Alexeev.

16.10.2016 Artwork "Rotating Cogwheels" by Sandro del Prete

15.10.2016 Pencil sketch with impossible bolt by Dann Matthews.

14.10.2016 Artwork "Easter Eggs" by Sandro del Prete.

13.10.2016 Enamel work "Manuscript" by Alexander Mayorov.

12.10.2016 Artwork "The Budgie Cage" by Sandro del Prete.

11.10.2016 Tattoo with impossible triangle and eagle by Sholto Carr.

10.10.2016 Artwork "Orchid of Love" by Sandro del Prete.

09.10.2016 50 new images of impossible figures, which were created in Voxelart by Bucwah.

08.10.2016 Artwork "What is the Perfume of an Orchid?" by Sandro del Prete.

07.10.2016 Photomanipulated image with impossible triangles by Daniele Bianchin.

05.10.2016 Doodeling under the influence by Magnus Jonsson (himagnus).

04.10.2016 Impossible arches from LEGO by David Santaolalla.

02.10.2016 Screenshots from animated TV series Wander Over Yonder.

30.09.2016 Pencil artwork with impossible triangle by Damian Riestra.

25.09.2016 New 50 impossible figures by Bucwah.

24.09.2016 New artwork "Alien Sun - 9 (Meteor shower)" by Vlad Alexeev.

23.09.2016 New pencil drawings with impossible figures by Ivan Doncevic (webbugt).

22.09.2016 Artwork "Mountain Spirit in Winter" by Sandro del Prete.

22.09.2016 Fan art on The Dark Side of the Moon cover by Dominic Ewan.

21.09.2016 Artwork "Hibernation" by Sandro del Prete.

20.09.2016 New impossible cubes by R71.

19.09.2016 Artwork "The Bilateral Agreement" by Sandro del Prete.

19.09.2016 Photomontage "Impossible Sea" by EvoIPS.

18.09.2016 Artwork "The Artist Presents His Work" by Sandro del Prete.

17.09.2016 Impossible constructions from LEGO by Anders Lofgren.

15.09.2016 New anamorphic image "Inside Out" by Alessandro Diddi.

14.09.2016 Photomontage of impossible matchbox by Junk Kato.

13.09.2016 Animation of Escher's Waterfall, which was created in Hexels by Andrew Hick.

12.09.2016 Computer image with impossible triangle by Kevin Conor Keller.

11.09.2016 New artwork "Alien Sun - 8 (Tic-tac-toe)" by Vlad Alexeev.

10.09.2016 Computer image with impossible triangles by Shane Howitt.

08.09.2016 Tattoo with impossible triangle and infinity sign by Wesley Sewell.

06.09.2016 New version of artwork "Alien Sun - 7" by Vlad Alexeev.

05.09.2016 Fan-art images by Rinaldo Zoontjes on TV show Twin Peaks.

04.09.2016 "Scenery with impossible triangle" by Mikhail Mantulin.

02.09.2016 Ink artwork of impossible castle by Evgeny Salnikov (EvgenyS).

01.09.2016 Cartoon with endless staircase from Rackafracka series by Fritz.

30.08.2016 New artwork "Alien sun - 7" by Vlad Alexeev.

29.08.2016 Rendered images of classic impossible figures with water rippling tranquilly by Josh Caudwell.

27.08.2016 Box of card board game Imaginarium.

26.08.2016 Woodcarving by Philip Allin based on Escher's litograph "Sky and Water II".

24.08.2016 Screenshots from game for iPad "Hocus".

23.08.2016 Woodcarving by Philip Allin based on Escher's litograph "Sky and Water".

22.08.2016 New image of impossible figure by Tiago Hands was appended.

15.08.2016 Final version of carved copy Escher's Printgallery by Philip Allin.

14.08.2016 New artwork "Impossible Gatling Gun" by Vlad Alexeev.

12.08.2016 Tattoo with third eye in impossible triangle by Alexander Lawrence (illustratedalex).

10.08.2016 Artworks with impossible architecture by Brandon Douglas.

09.08.2016 4 new images of impossible figures by Andreas Aronsson were appended.

07.08.2016 New image "One impossible ring" by Rodrigo Ferreira (rodrigobhz).

06.08.2016 Rendered version of Escher's artwork "Still life and street" by Anthony Calderone (AnthonyC3D).

05.08.2016 Images from cartoon series Cuttlas by Calpurnio.

03.08.2016 Screenshot from the game Kubic

02.08.2016 Two new computer images with impossible figures by Rodrigo Ferreira (rodrigobhz) were appended.

01.08.2016 Artwork with impossible trident by Alberto Arni.

31.07.2016 Fan art image on Star Wars by David Baldwin.

29.07.2016 Computer images with impossible triangle by Ivana Radmanovac.

28.07.2016 Computer artwork image of astronaut near impossible galaxy by Wacharapong Sisapon.

27.07.2016 Impossible street lamp by Vlad Alexeev.

25.07.2016 Computer image "Snake and Dagger" by arrynando.

24.07.2016 Computer images of impossible skyscrapers by mdim.

21.07.2016 Computer image of impossible pen by Ville Morkki.

20.07.2016 Artwork with impossible triangles by Ash Miyagawa.

19.07.2016 Impossible gold bars by Rick Crane.

18.07.2016 Sketch with space paradoxes by May Kapao.

17.07.2016 50 new impossible figures by Bucwah, which were created in Voxelart.

16.07.2016 Computer image of impossible saxophone by Tomasz Biernat.

14.07.2016 Cartoons with impossible triangles by Nhuoi Nay.

13.07.2016 Sketch of tattoo with impossible triangle inside flower by Neil Clarke.

11.07.2016 Artwork "Fire & Water" by Robert Vogt.

09.07.2016 Computer images impossible towers by Joel Tankard.

08.07.2016 4 new artworks by Vadim Dubinin were appended.

06.07.2016 Logo of the Russian interactive water show Aqualusion.

26.06.2016 Impossible C letter by Jonathan Zawada.

23.06.2016 Impossible matchbox by Erik Minnema

22.06.2016 Computer image impossible residental quarted by Toby8915.

21.06.2016 3 new pencil images with impossible figures by Vadim Dubinin were appended.

20.06.2016 Sketches of tattoos with impossible triangles by Daniel Connolly (thatdudedanny).

19.06.2016 Metal sculptures, which were inspired by Escher's artworks, by Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof.

17.06.2016 Rendered version of Escher's Waterfall by AIRT 4.

17.06.2016 Rendered version of Escher's Relativity by AIRT 4

17.06.2016 Rendered version of Escher's "Convex and Concave" by AIRT 4.

17.06.2016 Rendered version of Escher's Belvedere by AIRT 4.

17.06.2016 Rendered version of Escher's "Ascending and Descending" by AIRT 4.

16.06.2016 An impossible alphabet by David Group (dvdgroup).

15.06.2016 New animation with impossible runner by alejost848.

14.06.2016 New image "Slim" by Andreas Aronsson.

12.06.2016 Sketch of impossible town by Ira Marcks.

10.06.2016 Tattoo with sheep dog and impossible triangle by Jesse Haney.

08.06.2016 Tattoo with impossible triangle and all-seeing eye by Kelly Smith.

07.06.2016 Sketch with impossible triangle and beetle by Derek Gart.

06.06.2016 10 new images were added to the Figures Library. Now it contains 1080 different impossible figures.

05.06.2016 Regular space division by impossible figures by Nick Dady (Neometryy).

05.06.2016 Computer images of complex impossible figures by Nick Dady (Neometryy).

03.06.2016 Rendering of impossible construction by Millenium-night.

31.05.2016 A photo montage of Penrose tribar, which consists of boxes, by Stepan Pirozhenko.

30.05.2016 Fractal from impossible starcase with form of impossible Star Destroyer by Oblivian Archer (TheMentaleseFalcon).

28.05.2016 4 new images impossible figures by Mexican artist Frank Montoya were appended.

26.05.2016 Escher's Relativity inspired sketch by Adam Hayes (mrahayes).

25.05.2016 Fan-art images on games and movies by Seless.

24.05.2016 A collection of various kinds of Klein bottles.

22.05.2016 Cartoon with Reutersvard's impossible figure and Cthulhoo by Francois Launet.

22.05.2016 Wood inlay copies of Escher's artworks by Daniele Parasecolo.

21.05.2016 Escher's Belvedere inspired artwork by Sergey Orlov.

19.05.2016 Computer images of tattoo sketches and abstract shapes of impossible figures by vso.

18.05.2016 Impossible castle tower by Florian Thomasset (Flohock).

17.05.2016 11 new artworks by Cinta Vidal were appended.

16.05.2016 Photo montage with Escher inspired waterfalls by Elli Kraizberg.

15.05.2016 Escher inspired paintings by Luca Maiorescu.

14.05.2016 2 new computer artworks with impossible figures by Andreas Aronsson.

13.05.2016 Escher inspired art on wall by Tetyana Pirog.

12.05.2016 A concept of logo of Rostov Academy of Architecture and Arts by Jenya Chechenko.

10.05.2016 Tattoo with impossible triangle on hand by Savas Dogan (inktotalart).

09.05.2016 A video montage rolic with impossible triangle by Zach King.

08.05.2016 10 new impossible figures were appended to the Figures Library. Now it contains 1070 different images.

07.05.2016 Sketch of tattoo with impossible triangle and snake by Metzhc.

06.05.2016 Rendering of impossible LEGO space station by David Roberts.

05.05.2016 4 new artworks with impossible constructions by Kelvin Coles were appended.

03.05.2016 Impossible skyscraper by Guillaume Kurkdjian.

02.05.2016 Tattoo with all seeing eye inside impossible triangle by Tyler Harvey-Neale.

01.05.2016 CD cover of Duzz Down San Complation 2016 disc.

30.04.2016 Animations of basic impossible figures with rainbow colors by Jason McDade.

29.04.2016 Nice photomanipulation images with by Pedro Antonio Alejo Florez.

27.04.2016 Fine computer image of Penrose triangle by DoctorSiggy.

26.04.2016 Pencil sketch with impossible triangle by Do-You-Feel-The-Vibe.

25.04.2016 4 new artworks in computer graphics by Darren Bent (magigrapix).

24.04.2016 Tattoos with impossible triangle and tree by Gerald Erambert.

24.04.2016 4 new images by Bucwah, which was created in Voxelart.

23.04.2016 Screenshot from TV series Gotham with logo of Gotham City Bank.

22.04.2016 5 new wooden works by Michael Cheshire were appended.

21.04.2016 New artwork "Big Bang" by Vlad Alexeev.

20.04.2016 Cartoons with impossible animals by Antonio Eder.

18.04.2016 Sketch of tattoo with impossible triangle inside mandala by Emi Roma.

17.04.2016 4 new artworks by Andreas Aronsson were appended.

16.04.2016 Screenshot anime series "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle".

16.04.2016 Logo projects with impossible figures by Euroshot.

13.04.2016 New artwork "War for Peace" by Vlad Alexeev.

11.04.2016 CD covers of musical groups, which was published by the label Clek Clek Boom.

10.04.2016 Pencil sketch of impossible triangle by Andrew Nikolnik.

08.04.2016 The Impossible Alphabet by Alan Tran.

07.04.2016 Screenshots from animation TV series "Star vs the Forces of Evil".

06.04.2016 Tattoos with impossible triangle by Rasmus Petersson.

04.04.2016 Screenshots from 11th season of TV series Supernatural.

03.04.2016 Variation of Escher's Drawing Hands with robot hands by Hygglobert.

01.04.2016 Picture book "Anno's Alphabet".

31.03.2016 Computer image with impossible figure by Paul Dunbar.

30.03.2016 New artwork "Shard" by Danijel Knez.

29.03.2016 Images from anime film Cardcaptor Sakura

27.03.2016 New artwork "Asteroid" by Victor Molev

25.03.2016 Big Ben from London as impossible triangle by Chris Agnew.

24.03.2016 HTTP 404 error of Central Properties company site by Sergey Buevich.

23.03.2016 Computer image with Reitersvard's figure by Jason Oconnell.

21.03.2016 Wooden ear-rigns with form of impossible triangle by Noah Easton.

20.03.2016 New artwork "MC Escher City" by Victor Molev

19.03.2016 Paintings with impossible figures by Ricky Leone.

18.03.2016 Computer image of impossible triangle with effect of digital distortion by Rehael-dono

17.03.2016 Escher inspired tattoo with alien and impossible triangle by Maris Pavlo.

16.03.2016 Impossible figures with program code filling by norad-starbuck.

15.03.2016 Rendering of marble impossible triangle by Isaac Cage.

13.03.2016 Screenshots with impossible constructions from the game Dream Machine.

12.03.2016 Images of coins, which cointain walknut, were appended to the article about Borromean rings.

10.03.2016 A parody on advertising of IKEA by Andy Herald.

09.03.2016 Animation of impossible triangle by Fabian Denter.

08.03.2016 Screenshot with impossible pentagram from film Angels & Demons with Tom Hanks.

07.03.2016 Tattoo with impossible triangle by Mijo.

06.03.2016 Ink sketch with impossible triangle in zentangle style by unknown artist.

05.03.2016 An image of impossible triangle on mesh fence by Femoesa.

03.03.2016 Infographics with impossible triangular waterfall in theme of electricity by Pierluigi Scotolati.

01.03.2016 Screenshots with impossible pentagram from TV series Shadowhunters.

29.02.2016 Covers of CD's of various musicians, which were published by Belgian label Atom Communication.

28.02.2016 Variations of Escher's Relativity by Lemiken.

27.02.2016 New artwork "Cruciform" by Vlad Alexeev.

26.02.2016 Computer images of impossible figures by Anton Kononov.

25.02.2016 Advertising images with Reutersvard's figures of Gail Ceramic.

24.02.2016 Tattoos with impossible triangles by Peter Koskela.

23.02.2016 CD cover of album "Circumlocution" by Plok.

22.02.2016 Pencil artworks with impossible figures by Mexican artist Frank Montoya.

21.02.2016 Advertising images of Audi cars, which were created in Mexican agency Lead2Action.

20.02.2016 A tattoo with impossible triangles by Mattia Baciglieri.

18.02.2016 Cartoon with impossible triangle on winter theme by Mark Tatulli.

17.02.2016 A logo project with impossible cube by Craig Rozynski.

16.02.2016 Photo montages with impossible hand-rail by Duncan James.

15.02.2016 Escher inspired animation in cubic style by alejost848.

14.02.2016 Street art paintings with impossible triangles by Mondo Kisso.

12.02.2016 Anamorphic images with Escher's Waterfall by Alessandro Diddi.

11.02.2016 Escher inspired illustrations by JT Morrow.

09.02.2016 4 new images of impossible figure by Elias Mina were appended.

08.02.2016 An image, which was inspired by film Inception. Drawing by Maria Gabysheva.

07.02.2016 Logo project of Rayko by TypeLikeThat.

06.02.2016 15 new artworks by Catherine Leah Palmer were appended.

05.02.2016 Pencil sketch with impossible triangle in stempunk style by Caio Cesar (desg_monster).

04.02.2016 Tattoos with impossible triangle by Santa Cruz Tattoo (Tenerife).

03.02.2016 A rendered version of Escher's Relativity by Mary Huang.

02.02.2016 Sketch of tattoo with impossible triangle by Nick Rodino (nickyhits).

01.02.2016 Computer image with impossible figure by Vann Taylor.

31.01.2016 New screenshots with impossible constructions, which were created in game Minecraft.

30.01.2016 Tattoos with impossible figures by Oli Verboden.

29.01.2016 A Photo montage of impossible windows by Geovastian.

29.01.2016 Sketch with moon and impossible triangle by Daniele Provenda (bazarbaq).

28.01.2016 Animation of impossible triangle consisting of black and white cubes by PenrosePavilion.

27.01.2016 Artworks with impossible infinity sign by Swing Chim.

26.01.2016 Tattoo with impossible triangle by Peppe Greppo Galla.

25.01.2016 Ink artworks with impossible cubes by Miguel RC.

24.01.2016 Impossible figures, which were created in Voxelart online service, by Bucwah.

23.01.2016 Tattoo with impossible triangle by Mark Thompson.

22.01.2016 A photomontage of impossible triangle with airplanes by Wharton.

21.01.2016 Computer artwork with astronaut and impossible triangle by Jan Michael Villegas (micuicoi_mewtate).

20.01.2016 Artwork with endless staircase by Sarina Trein Bodker.

18.01.2016 Wood inlays of impossible figures and Escher inspired images by Stella F. Parcus.

17.01.2016 2 new pencil images with impossible figures by Tiago Hands were appended.

17.01.2016 Tattoos with impossible figures by Johnny Domus.

16.01.2016 Circular fractals with impossible triangles and Escher inspired structures by Bertrand de Besque(B2BK).

15.01.2016 Artwork "Feast in the Garden of Love" by Master E.S.

15.01.2016 9 new artworks by Vadim Dubinin were appended.

12.01.2016 New artwork "Penrose's Heart" by Inge Vandormael.

11.01.2016 Computer image of impossible triangle by TAPT.

10.01.2016 New artwork "Impossible Meeting" by Vlad Alexeev.

09.01.2016 Pencil sketch with impossible triangle by Tazio Rosales.

07.01.2016 Computer image with impossible triangle by Justin Allison (everlancer).

05.01.2016 Pencil sketch of impossible hen by Sandra Key Strait.

04.01.2016 Rendered version of Escher's "High and Low" by David Carbayo.

03.01.2016 Computer image with impossible triangle by David J. Weissberg.

02.01.2016 New image "Nothing is Impossible" by Ricardo Baigorria.

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