News of 2011

31.12.2011 Logo projects - Impossible X - by Michael Flarup.

30.12.2011 Computer artwork "Halations" by Daniel Kong (icickle).

29.12.2011 6 new enamel artworks by Eugeny Matko were appended. Also, short description added.

27.12.2011 Computer image "Floors 2" by Andreas Aronsson.

26.12.2011 Artwork "Creation" with impossible triangle by Leonardo Dentico (leox912).
Logo project "Attune" with impossible triangle by Dhidesign.

25.12.2011 Logo of the application for iPhone and iPad "Optical illusions".

24.12.2011 Pencil sketch "Chateau Impossible"with all basic impossible figures by Mark Empire (empire539).
Artwork "Snoopy Escher", which is inspired by Escher's Relativity, by Kristel Marion (K-heartmusic).

23.12.2011 Cartoon with Santa Claus and impossible chimneys.

22.12.2011 Cartoons with impossible figures by Antonio de Oliveira.

20.12.2011 Computer images of impossible books by Gary Barwin.

19.12.2011 Cartoon "ACME delivery - Escher" by Kim Hoppy.
8 new artworks with impossible interiors by Vadim Dubinin were appended.

18.12.2011 Fiberart with impossible triangle by Katie Chui (Alondra-chui).

17.12.2011 Pencil artwork "Seeing Flower" by C.M. Calvert (gnosisisongoing).
Computer version of Escher's "Ascending and Descending" by chocobosROK.
Computer image of Penrose triangle by Renan R. Rodrigues.

16.12.2011 Model of Escher's Waterfall, which was created by Nemecle in computer game Minecraft.

15.12.2011 Escher inspired cartoon "Me vs Universe" by Daniele di Nicuolo (KoT4).
Computer image "Escher did it" with impossible triangle by JSDesign.

14.12.2011 Escher inspired images with Futurama characters by Kaspired.
Escher inspired images, which were created by Not2Mention in indie game FortressCraft.

13.12.2011 Floor cover with impossible triangles by MRHDesign.

11.12.2011 Gifts in form of impossible figures from the Russian online RPG game Cosmics: The Galactic Wars.

10.12.2011 Ink and pencil artwork "The Penrose Triangle" by Vlad Kumpan.

08.12.2011 Artwork with impossible triangle "Penrose Place" by Mattia Nelli,

07.12.2011 Images with impossible figures by Paisley Straenj.

06.12.2011 Computer images of impossible figures by Noemi Titarenco.

05.12.2011 Advertising of Conrad Treasury Casino, which was inpired by Escher's Relativity.

04.12.2011 Photo of sculpture of endless staircase by Alex Eylar.

02.12.2011 Illustration for the book "Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara" with endless staircase by James Gurney.

29.11.2011 Computer image with impossible triangles by Eduardo Gusmão.

27.11.2011 Computer image of impossible board game by Zomboy.

26.11.2011 Computer images "Levels" by Andreas Aronsson.
Pencil artworks with impossible construction by Fineasapie.
Photomanipulation "Reversed World" by Strimmer.

22.11.2011 Computer images of classic impossible figures by Joao Rod (Hamol).

21.11.2011 Photo montage of impossible construction by Hypics.
Artwork of impossible building by Alexander Muzychenko.

20.11.2011 Screenshots form ColecoVision console game Illusions.
Anamorphic images of impossible figures by Denis Bryantsev (artmagistr).

19.11.2011 Impossible ring - the logo of SwirlySpace company.

17.11.2011 Photomanipulated image with impossible triangle by Kopfinger.
Artwork "Safety at Sea" with impossible cubes by Roberto Mattiello.

16.11.2011 Artwork "When Dali and Escher Met" by Geoff Treagus.

15.11.2011 Pencil artwork "Egg" with impossible columns by Nils O. Brusli (Enobee).

14.11.2011 Screenshots with impossible constructions from indie game The Bridge.

13.11.2011 Artworks with impossible figures and stairs by Kitkat93.
Photos of pasteboard impossible triangle by Melanie Aldrich (melliloquence).

12.11.2011 Computer scene with impossible triangle by DevilTraitor.

11.11.2011 Pencil artworks "Schrödinger's Cat" with impossible cube by Jie Qi.

10.11.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Andrew Pastushenko.
Ink artworks with impossible tower by Dennis Rose.

09.11.2011 Images for Laboratorio de la Fabricación Exhibition by Marta Veludo.
Images of impossible triangles in space by Gard.

07.11.2011 Artwork "Impossible Tower" by Geet Lord.

06.11.2011 Surrealistic artwork with impossible triangle "Love Triangle" by surreal-junkie.
Photomanipulated image "Wooden image" by Cornelia Mladenova.
Wooden garden sculpture with form impossible cube by English Garden Carpentry Company.

05.11.2011 Computer image "Homage to Escher" by Cas van de Goor.
Pencil artwork with endless staircase with characters from Futurama by Go-a-Green-a.
Mosaic impossible triangle by Elemare.
Logo of Perspecta by Elixir Design.

04.11.2011 Logo project for Cynosys Global by Maximilian.

03.11.2011 Series of pencil artworks "Myself drawing ..." by FinalFantasyEva.

02.11.2011 Installation with impossible figures by Emily Pelsing.

31.10.2011 Computer image with impossible cube "The Organ Grinder" by Carl Glover (Brain Poop).

30.10.2011 Sculpture of endless staircase, which is created from pieces of board game Torres, by Magnus Konze.
Poster with impossible triangle of the old computer game Rock 'n' Roll.

29.10.2011 Additinal maps with form of impossible triangle for computer game Lux Delux.
Pencil artwork with impossible arch by Pappengeimer.

28.10.2011 Advertising image of Casino di Venezia.

27.10.2011 Pencil artwork "Impossible tree" by Jordan Rogers.
Screenshots of location Box Dimension from MMORG game Club Penguin.

26.10.2011 Pencil image of impossible ring with intersecting objects by William Dudziak.

25.10.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Grace Marty.

24.10.2011 Pencil artworks with impossible triangles by Andrew Friedman.

23.10.2011 Pencil artwork "A World of Time" by Lawrence Hickman.
Cover of vinyl album by John Pantry "Nothing is impossible".
Three new artworks with impossible figures by Jen Malmgren were appended.

21.10.2011 Escher inspired image with Belvedere by V. Chistyakov.
Photo montage "Scroll" by Irina Kuznetsova.

20.10.2011 7 new pencil by Vadim Dubinin were appended.
Tattoo with impossible cube by Timothy B. Boor.

19.10.2011 Artwork "Train" by Angelika Plynova.
Advertising image of Snickers with endless staircase by Frank Skullboy.

18.10.2011 Impossible figure in architectural context by Thomas de Bos.
Computer image "Cage" by Andreas Aronsson.

17.10.2011 Impossible building and impossible maze by George L. Gregory.
Rendered version of Escher's Relativity by Sergey Ivakhnenko.

15.10.2011 Pencil artwork "Life's Confusing Boxes" by Monique Martin.
Computer version of Escher's artwork "Ascending and Descending" by Dustin Andrew.

14.10.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Dmitry Oskes.

13.10.2011 Photo montage of Sky Castle by Alex Kuranov.

12.10.2011 Artwork "Escher's Belvedere and The Ghost City" by Alexey Nazarov.
Photo montage of impossible figure in water by unknown artist.

11.10.2011 Computer images with impossible triangles and impossible architecture by Popgriffon.
Advertising images of Animaster, which were inspired by Escher's Drawing Hands.

09.10.2011 Photo of anamorphic images of impossible figures by Bartek Hlawka.
Three new artworks by Alan King were appended.
Artworks with impossible figures by Richard L. Matteson Jr.

08.10.2011 Artwork of impossible castle by Nuccio Garilli.
Cover of Plenum school magazine, which was designed by Umbra Design.
Artwork "Construction of numbers and letters" by Ineke Disveld.

07.10.2011 Computer image with impossible triangles by Fabiano Coelho.
Paradox typeface by Luke Klenske.

06.10.2011 Computer image of impossible triangle in space by Dizaster156.
Cartoon "Archway to Impossibility" by Soob.
10 impossible figures were appended to the figures library. Now it contains 810 different images.

04.10.2011 Advertising images of Macacolandia design studio.

02.10.2011 Artwork of impossible object by Sam Gordon.

01.10.2011 Images of impossible figures, which were created by players of game Minecraft.

30.09.2011 Rendered Escher's waterfall by DkmMayhem.

28.09.2011 10 new impossible figures were appended to the Figures Library. Now it contains 800 different impossible figures.
Screenshorts from Flash mini-golf game Wonderputt with Escher's Waterfall.

27.09.2011 Calendar 2010 of the site
Artworks with animals and impossible figures by Brian Savory.

26.09.2011 Photo montages by Ozplasmic.
Advertising for yearly conference 2007 of Moscow Central Depositary.
6 new artworks by Hose Maria Yturralde were appended.

24.09.2011 Computer image of impossible triangle by Willyum Beck.
Pencil artworks with impossible constructions by Pappengeimer.
Computer image of impossible figure by Dieter Klein.

23.09.2011 Artwork "Impossible Spiral" by Jens Malmgren.
Funny logo and corporate identity Sperun with impossible figure.
Marquetry works with impossible figures by Mike Taylor.

22.09.2011 Impossible figure by RainbowArt.
Video clip "Girlfriend" of Russian pop singer Sergey Lazarev, in which endless staircase appears.

20.09.2011 Computer image "Clock of Life" by Pavel Kondratenko.
Mazes with impossible figures by Yonatan Frimer.
Computer image "Steps" by Andreas Aronsson.

19.09.2011 Escher inspired artworks by Anna-Maria Jung.
Escher's watefall in stained glass by Roz Van Dyk.

18.09.2011 Tattoo on head with impossible triangle.
Computer image with impossible nail by McOff.
4 artworks by unknown japanese artists.

17.09.2011 Covers of CDs of Alex Imix with impossible figures.
ECU coin with Escher's artwork "Day and Night".
Artworks with impossible figures by Brandon Dover.
4 new collages with impossible figures by Valerian Perceval Marguery were appended.

16.09.2011 CD cover of Britain DJ Alex Metric "Open Your Eyes".
Photo montage "No Expectations" with impossible triangle by Stephen Kelly.

15.09.2011 Computer artwork with impossible triangle "Unexpected Guest" by Vadim Valiullin.
Computer image "Experiment" with endless staircase by Protexena.
Artwork "Tower" from series "Plasteboard Revolution" by Oleg Kulay-Kulaychuk.

14.09.2011 Computer images of impossible teapot and impossible figures by Rex Young (Rxe08).
3D images of impossible figures by Rex Young (Rxe08).

13.09.2011 Box board illustrations with impossible triangles by Sayon Chatterjee.
Pencil artwork with impossible castle and dragon by bambam1149.
Computer image with impossible frame by Nikolay Aleksandrov.

12.09.2011 Photo montage of still life with impossible triangle by Valeria.
Three new photo montages with impossible figures by Irina Kuznetsova were appended.

11.09.2011 Anamorphic streetart with endless staircase by Ruben Poncia.
Computer artworks with impossible figures by Dan Phillips.
Logo of Tereza Nikolova.

10.09.2011 Artworks by Alexander Kurekov.
Logo projects in form of impossible triangle by Artem Tkachev.
Logo of Belarus Hi-Tech Park.
Series of computer images "Birds and impossible objects" by Ramona Ring.

09.09.2011 Artwork with Escher's waterfall "Watermill" by Ella Makina.
4 new artworks by Tamas Farkas.
Enameled works with impossible figures by Eugeny Matko.

08.09.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Chow Hon Lam (Flying Mouse).

07.09.2011 Rendered copy of Escher's waterfall by Michael Vriens (VaizardNL).
Artwork with impossible tower "Amsterjam" by Evan Wakelin.

06.09.2011 Computer image "UFO" by Vincent Viriot (fmk7).

05.09.2011 Logo of furniture shop "Mebelnye Gallucinacii".

04.09.2011 Modified logo of UralVagonZavod.

02.09.2011 Embroidery with impossible triangle by Irina Naryshkina.
4 new artworks by Tamas Farkas were appended.

01.09.2011 Artworks for children with impossible triangles by Wallace Edwards.
Pencil images of rooms with impossible interiors by Vadim Dubinin.

31.08.2011 Computer artwork with impossible constructions "Adamas - The Golden Land" by Natalia Golovanova.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Verwarrend getrianguleerd Idool".

29.08.2011 Pencil artwork "Stream of Dream" by Denis Tarasov.
Artwork "Stairs" by Jens Malmgren.

28.08.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Sergey Levin.

26.08.2011 Yet another rendered Escher's Waterfall.
Pencil artwork with endless staircase "The way from myself to myself" by Alexander Guzarevich.

25.08.2011 Ink artwork "Labyrinth" by Yuriy Pomortsev.
Logo of Triatleta in form of impossible triangle.

24.08.2011 Artworks with impossible cities by Tristan Pauli.

22.08.2011 Computer artwork "Monumental failure" by Erwin Bonsma.
Artworks with impossible figures by Vyacheslav Polkovnichenko.

21.08.2011 Artworks by Vasiliy Zhirov.

20.08.2011 Abstract artworks by Gennadiy Pisarev.
Computer image "Rocket" by Andreas Aronsson.

19.08.2011 Triangular endless staircase by Chri77.
Artwork "Chapel" by Eugeny Tikhonov.

18.08.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Nina Tokhtaman-Valetova.

17.08.2011 Cartoon with drawing hands "Explicit Content" by Tjeerd Royaards.

16.08.2011 Artwork "Repository of List Things" by Robert Williams,

15.08.2011 Patchwork with impossible triangle by T. Boland (Terracidus).
Artwork "Novgorod" with impossible church by Eugeny Tikhonov.

14.08.2011 Computer images of basic impossible figures by PowerChild.

12.08.2011 Artwork "Game Without Rules" by Yuri Shpakovsky.

11.08.2011 Two images with impossible figures by Otto Rapp were appended.
Computer image "Never Ending Barrels" by Bakefy.

10.08.2011 Image 031 by Tamas Farkas.
Artworks with impossible columns and perspective paradoxes by Igor Lazarev.

09.08.2011 Artwork "Time Spiral Advert" by John Avon.

08.08.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Tang Yau Hoong.

07.08.2011 Artwork 030 by Tamas Farkas.
Logo of the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics.
Surrealistic artworks by Roland H. Heyder.
Computer image "Kubicore" by Adrien Duval (AirDuern).

06.08.2011 Image 029 by Tamas Farkas.
Computer image "In cube" by Pavel Birt.

05.08.2011 Artwork "Witness of Time" by Victor Verhovod.
Photo montage "Dome" by paplaukes.

04.08.2011 Artworks with impossible figures by Tautvydas Davainis.
Image 028 by Tamas Farkas.
Broken impossible triangle by Rasmus Stenbergh.

03.08.2011 Artwork with impossible square "Illusionist" by Oleg Lavrov.
Hamsters in Escher's Relativity by Inessa Kiryanova.

02.08.2011 Image 027 by Tamas Farkas.

30.07.2011 Artwork with impossible triangle "The Well of Mirages" by Valery Martyanov.
Computer image "Turns" by Andreas Aronsson.

29.07.2011 "Crossroads of Consciousness" by Sergey Pyatigora.
Image 026 by Tamas Farkas.

28.07.2011 Image 25 with impossible figures by Tamas Farkas.
Improbable star with fractal filling by Brian Eason.

25.07.2011 Surrealistic artworks with impossible columns by Michael Cheval.

08.07.2011 10 new figures by Tamas Farkas were appended to the Figures Library. Not it contains 790 different impossible figures.
Computer image of impossible triangle of cubes by Gosia Wudarska (Goggie).

07.07.2011 Artwork 24 with impossible figure by Tamas Farkas.

06.07.2011 Advertising posters of Turkish shops Şok Discount Market with impossible figures as numbers of price sums.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "H. Maagd met Kind, door de familie Hollstein welbemind".

05.07.2011 Commemorative coins with M.C. Escher portrait.

04.07.2011 Artwork 23 by Tamas Farkas.

02.07.2011 Photo montage "The camera never lies?" by Bern67.

01.07.2011 Logo of the site Intellectual club.

30.06.2011 Artwork N22 by Tamas Farkas.

29.06.2011 Computer image "Paradox Tribar" by Mauro Hernández.

27.06.2011 Artwork 21 by Tamas Farkas.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Dure steen van Magritte in een voordelige omkadering van JdM".

26.06.2011 Artwork with impossible arches by Sergey Levin.

24.06.2011 New artwork by Tamas Farkas.

23.06.2011 New 10 impossible figures were appended to the Figures Library. Now it contains 780 different images.

22.06.2011 Computer images of wireframe impossible triangles by Friedrich Lohmüller.
Animated wireframe impossible triangles by Friedrich Lohmüller.

21.06.2011 Computer image of a vaqriation of impossible cube by sjesoft.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Schouw-pijp".

20.06.2011 Cartoon "M.C. Escher as a Child" by John McPherson.

19.06.2011 New artwork by Tamas Farkas.
Artwork by Andreas Aronsson "Grill 3".
Mosaic of open cube by Carolien Reef.

18.06.2011 Artwork by Jos de Mey "De antropomorfe schoenen van Magritte op een tafel van JdM".

16.06.2011 Impossible fork by R. Stevens.

15.06.2011 Optical illusion font by Regan Fred Johnson.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Hommage aan Arcimboldo-zomer".

14.06.2011 Pencil drawings with impossible figures by Ivan Doncevic (webbugt).

13.06.2011 Artwork by Oscar Reutersvärd with impossible staircase.

12.06.2011 Computer image of impossible star by Rob Bryant.
Photo montage with crazy crate by dagibit.
"Triangel" by Dirk Huizer.

11.06.2011 Artwork by Jos de Mey "Foto voor de identiteitskaart van een Homo Geometricus Magrittianis".
Logo of HaptX Engine, which was designed by Erik Forsström.
Artwork by Jens Malmgren "4 boxen".

09.06.2011 Photo montage of impossible triangle, which consists of wooden cubes, by Wes Peck (gfpeck).

07.06.2011 Two pencil images with impossible figures by rkamakaris.

05.06.2011 Computer image of wooden impossible triangle by Jakub Zika (Kubajzz).
Artwork by Jos de Mey "La Folie des Grandeur van Margriet, gevangen in een bouwsel van JdM".

04.06.2011 Two works with impossible triangles by Adam Augustyn.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Kettingschakeltoren met Ballon herstelle en Retro-Architekt".
Logo of Frodio social radio system.

02.06.2011 Computer image of endless staircase, which was created for online game LevynLight, by Joel Hustak.

30.05.2011 10 figures were appended to the Figures Library. Now, it contains 770 impossible figures.

29.05.2011 Logo of a small company Team Print Shop.

28.05.2011 Artwork for children "Opus - 2" by Vicente Meavilla.

26.05.2011 Artwork for children "Opus - 1" by Vicente Meavilla.
Artwork "Eigen-aardig architektuurje met kristallo-grafisch kunstwerk" by Jos de Mey.

25.05.2011 Font Priori Acute with impossible forms by Jonathan Barnbrook.

24.05.2011 Logos with impossible figures of imaginary companies by Sumit Roy (Scorpy).

23.05.2011 Artwork "Zig-Zag monument in Rood" by Jos de Mey.

21.05.2011 Computer image of impossible triangle in stars by Philipee.

20.05.2011 Escher staircase in pixel art by Alan Pollock (Mnollock).

19.05.2011 Sketch of interconnected impossible triangle by Dubious Duo (Arty-Rile-Ditch).

17.05.2011 Computer image "Slinky Heaven" by Glenn Jones.
Artwork "Stil-life with Icosahedron" by Jos de Mey.

16.05.2011 Collage of impossible triangle with flyers by rejudgement.
Impossible figure 274 by Oscar Reutersvärd.

15.05.2011 Artwork "Hommage aan Arcimboldo - lente" by Jos de Mey.
Photo montage of Penrose triangle above mountains by Lennard Verjans (lonzard).

14.05.2011 Gull on impossible structure by Paul Fleet.

13.05.2011 Impossible triangle by Oscar Reutersvärd.
Photo montage "Incongrous chamber" with impossible cube by Luca Bettarini (besiaman).

11.05.2011 "Drollige driehoek" - artwork by Jos de Mey.
Rendering of impossible cube by Greg Zaal.

10.05.2011 A photo of impossible wooden stool by James Hopkins.

09.05.2011 Photo montage of wooden impossible triangle with tree by Ruszkai Tamás (PatentEdge).
An image by Knostantinos Ioannidis (Weequays) with endless staircase, which is based on graphics from MMORPG games Dofus and Wakfu.

08.05.2011 Computer image "Tower Blocks 2" by Catherine Palmer.

06.05.2011 Computer image "Tower Blocks 1" by Catherine Palmer.

05.05.2011 Beadwork with impossible square by Pamela Davies.

04.05.2011 Computer image "Petronas Towers" by Catherine Palmer.

03.05.2011 Computer image of impossible triangle in clouds by James Michael Chiong (Syncopated Travis).
Logo of QBE Insurance Group.

02.05.2011 A pixel art version of Escher's Waterfall by Shadeeh.
TrueType font Escheresk with many impossible figures by Tobias Sommer (shasta).
Impossible structure by Oscar Reutersvärd.

01.05.2011 Two coins with images by Sandro del Prete.

30.04.2011 CD cover with endless staircase of album 2011 "Angles" of American rock band The Strokes.

29.04.2011 Frames with endless staircase from Fallen miniseries, which is about Aaron Corbett, who discovered that he is Nephilim, human-angel hybrid.

28.04.2011 Cartoon with impossible pipeline like Escher's Waterfall by Carl Skanberg.

26.04.2011 Artwork for children "Stop Vandalism - 3" by Vicente Meavilla.
Pixel artwork "Impossible rectangle on the Moon" by Michel Sassel.

25.04.2011 Pencil artowork "Impossible tree" by PotatochipXD.

24.04.2011 Surrealistic artwork "Rock and Roll - Anterior".
Photo montage "The Terrace" by Lopes dos Santos (jaci XIII).

23.04.2011 Logo of educational organization Discovery Place.

21.04.2011 Logo with impossible triangle of web design studio from Panama InterYEA.

20.04.2011 Watercolour copy of Escher's Belvedere by Peter Kastmiler.

19.04.2011 Computer image "Architecture - You're doung it wrong" by sjem.
Artwork for children "Stop Vandalism - 2" by Vicente Meavilla.
Computer image "Frames 2" by Andreas Aronsson.

17.04.2011 "Garden of impossible figures" by unknown artist.
Artwork for children "Stop Vandalism - 1" by Vicente Meavilla.
Photo montage "R.I.P. Old illusion" by PBD.
Artwork "Hommage aan Arcimboldo - winter" by Jos de Mey.

16.04.2011 Logo with impossile triangle of The Interdependence Movement.
Computer image "Double Tribar" by Andreas Aronsson,
Computer image "Christmas present" by Oleg Zhevelev.

15.04.2011 Artwork for children "Impossible string - 37" by Vicente Meavilla.

14.04.2011 Surrealistic artwork "Axis Mundi - Earth Center" by Otto Rapp (ArtOfTheMusic).
Artwork by Sandro del Prete "Self-Pouring Bottle on a Twisted Page".

12.04.2011 Artwork "Stop abortion" by Vicente Meavilla.

11.04.2011 "Impossible triangle with chess" by unknown artist.

10.04.2011 Magazine covers with impossible figures by Harry Turner.
Artwork "Transform" by Harry Turner.
"Impossible mechanism" by Oleg Zhevelev.
Computer graphics with impossible figures by Robin Reithmayr.

08.04.2011 Cartoon with Penrose triangle by gvito.

07.04.2011 Photo montage of endless staircase in clouds by Ilya von Zhavoronkoff (SquadGazZz).

06.04.2011 Artwork "Hommage aan Arcimboldo" by Jos de Mey.
New impossible figure by Oscar Reutersvärd.

03.04.2011 Two variations of Escher's Waterfall on burnt paper by Charles P. Evans.
Computer artwork "UFO-2" by Oleg Zhevelev.
"Impossible bars" by Bruno Ernst.

02.04.2011 Image by Daniele de Nigris "Up and down".
Image by Daniele de Nigris "Up and down doppio".
Logo of design studio Linkalab.

01.04.2011 Photo montage "Raven over Tintagel" by Neil Rhodes.

31.03.2011 Artwork for children "Parallel bars" by Vicente Meavilla.

28.03.2011 Photo of a small impossible figure by Daniel Abolafia.

27.03.2011 Pencil drawings with impossible constructions by ContaminatedFaith.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Bijzettafeltje met stekelbessen".

26.03.2011 Computer artwork "Centaur-knight" by Oleg Zhevelev.

24.03.2011 Artwork "Sunrise in the Nature Reserve" by Sandro del Prete.
Cartoon with Escher waterfall by Larry Wentzel.

23.03.2011 Photo montage "Wooden beams" by Wilson Hennessy.

22.03.2011 Pencil artwork "Escher feedback water fall" by Nobody of Nowhere (n0b0d1).
New artwork by Oscar Reutersvärd.

20.03.2011 Photos of impossible shelf, which was designed by John Leung and ClarkeHopkinsClarke.
Computer image "Tower 3" by Andreas Aronsson.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Labyrinth tussen vlak en ruimte".
Computer image "Soldiers preparation" by Oleg Zhevelev.

19.03.2011 Artwork "Stil-leven met Brood en Wijn" by Jos de Mey.
New artwork by Oscar Reutersvärd with impossible columns.

18.03.2011 Impossible figure by Oscar Reutersvärd.

17.03.2011 Logo of the Russian site for watching licensed motion picture films.
LEGO sculpture of endless staircase by Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever).

15.03.2011 Artwork for children "Impossible string - 36" by Vicente Meavilla.

13.03.2011 Impossible figure by Oscar Reutersvärd.
Photo montage "Twisted temple with ominous sky" by Roelof Bos.

10.03.2011 Artwork "In a Ticino Village" by Sandro del Prete.
Artwork by Jos de Mey "Knock-out van de Grote Witte Beer na contactname met de Post-Escheriaanse Architectuur".

09.03.2011 Computer artwork "Tourist trap II" by Erwin Bonsma.

08.03.2011 Photo montage "Escher Zum Mitnehmen" by Kopfinger.

07.03.2011 "The Budgie Cage" by Sandro del Prete.
Computer artwork "Climacophobia" by Grant Reyes.

04.03.2011 Pencil artwork "Tribute to M.C. Escher" by Jim Green (painter1980).

02.03.2011 Photo montage of an impossible arch by mysterio.
"Orchid of Love" - artwork by Sandro del Prete.

26.02.2011 Three new artworks by Joe Santana were appended.
Artwork by children "Impossible table" by Vicente Meavilla.

24.02.2011 Artwork for children "Tribar" by Vicente Meavilla.

23.02.2011 Artwork by Jos de Mey "Enigszins onlogische architectuur-ombouw voor een zeer logisch Beeld van Max Bill".

22.02.2011 Artwork "Rose" by Dmitry Rakov.

21.02.2011 Computer image "Tree" by Andreas Aronsson.
Artwork for children "Impossible string - 35" by Vicente Meavilla.

20.02.2011 Pencil artwork of impossible building by Iván Cornejo (yonosoytu).
"The Twisted Pergola" - artwork by Sandro del Prete.
Artwork for children "Bibar = Tribar - 1" by Vicente Meavilla.

19.02.2011 A very realistic video of Escher's Waterfall with flowing water.
Artwork for children "Impossible columns" by Vicente Meavilla.

16.02.2011 Artwork for children "Impossible string - 34" by Vicente Meavilla.

15.02.2011 Computer image "Impossible steampunk engine" by Paul Fleet.
Artwork for children "Impossible string - 33" by Vicente Meavilla.

14.02.2011 Computer image of impossible triangle "Triangolo" by Daniele de Nigris.
Artwork for children "Impossible 3D" by Vicente Meavilla.

13.02.2011 Artwork for children "Impossible string - 32" by Vicente Meavilla.
Rendered version of Escher's "Ascending and Descending" by zwamneus.

12.02.2011 Cover for book by Jane Langton "Murder at Monticello".
Artwork for children "Impossible string - 31" by Vicente Meavilla.

09.02.2011 Illusorial arwork "What Is The Perfume Of An Orchid?" by Sandro del Prete.
Artwork for children "Bridges and Strings" by Vicente Meavilla.

08.02.2011 Computer image "UFO-1" by Oleg Zhevelev.
Artwork for children "Impossible Ascent" by Vicente Meavilla.

07.02.2011 Artwork for children "Impossible string - 30" by Vicente Meavilla.

06.02.2011 Cartoon "False perspective in the garden" by Chris Madden.
Artwork fo children "One Way" by Vicente Meavilla.
Photo montage image "The stairs" by CraftLord.
"Een streling voor Het Oog en voor Het Gehemelte" by Jos de Mey.
Logo of building company Constructure, which was designed by Adam Gottner.

05.02.2011 New artwork by Vicente Meavilla "Impossible string - 29" for children.
Illusorial artwork "Hibernation" by Sandro del Prete.

04.02.2011 Logo with impossible figures for web site by dehahs.

03.02.2011 Image for children "Impossible snake" by Vicente Meavilla.

02.02.2011 "Kwadraatvormig uilenraampje" - artwork by Jos de Mey.

01.02.2011 "Het Onmogelijkefigurenverzamelaars-venster" - artwork by Jos de Mey.

31.01.2011 An image from 1963 cartoon series with impossible triangle by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, and Rick Veitch.

30.01.2011 New images by Vicente Meavilla for children.
Beams in form of impossible triangle by Ray Massey.
Impossible escalator, photo montage by Ray Massey.
Impossible printing machine, photo montage by Ray Massey.
Full map of Temporal Vortex area of the Chrono Cross game.

29.01.2011 Impossible wooden horse for children by Mitsumasa Anno.

28.01.2011 "Hommage aan Arcimboldo-lente" - artwork by Jos de Mey.

27.01.2011 Illustration by Dmitry Nepomnyaschiy and Olga Popugaeva for the book "By Alice's steps".

26.01.2011 "The Bilateral Agreement" - artwork by Sandro del Prete.

25.01.2011 Pencil drawings with impossible figures by David Chen (dtchen).

23.01.2011 Introduction of the book by Bruno Ernst "The Eye Beguiled".

22.01.2011 "Drollige driehoek" - artwork by Jos de Mey.

21.01.2011 Logo of Italian online radio Transizione Di Fase.
Advertising images with impossible triangles of Transizione Di Fase.

20.01.2011 Artwork by Sandro del Prete "The artist presents his work".

19.01.2011 Pencil images of impossible stars by Eisen Feuer.

16.01.2011 Computer image "Circle" by Andreas Aronsson.

14.01.2011 "Incognito portret van een onbekende Dame" - artwork by Jos de Mey.

13.01.2011 Two illustrations from the book Palazzo Inverso by D.B. Johnson.

12.01.2011 Computer rendered image of Escher's Waterfall with demons by Yuki Akimoto.
"Hoekvensterkooi met doorgang voor wijze uilen" - artwork by Jos de Mey.

10.01.2011 "Vrouwelijke Portret-Buste van Bartolomeo da Venezia in een nieuwe omkadering" - artwork by Jos de Mey.

09.01.2011 Computer image of impossible triangle by Nguyen Hoang Diep.

05.01.2011 "X-ray vision_Essence of Escher" - a pencil artwork by dragorien.

02.01.2011 Computer image "Tower 2" by Andreas Aronsson.
New artwork "Au nom d'une Pipe" by Jos de Mey.

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