News of 2010

29.12.2010 Logo of Verbicaro Costruzioni by Luciano Mastrascusa.

28.12.2010 New computer image "Achieve the impossible" by Erwin Bonsma.

27.12.2010 "M.C. Escher's Mill Landscaped" by Eric Kempson.

26.12.2010 Impossible pencil drawings by Dick Termes.
"Dit is geen kubus" by Jos de Mey.

21.12.2010 "Winterzicht van de onvoltooide Pergola uit 1980" - new artwork by Jos de Mey.

19.12.2010 Frames from Persons Unknown TV series, where impossible triangle appear.

18.12.2010 Comic strips about constructing of impossible figures by Harry Turner.

14.12.2010 New images of impossible figures on black background by Daniele De Nigris

09.12.2010 "Inception timeline" - infographics about Chrisopher Nolan's film "Inception" by dehahs.

07.12.2010 Pencil artwork of impossible figures by Schunnin.

02.12.2010 New cartoon by Valentin Dubinin - Swing.

29.11.2010 Pixel art image Escher's Skatepark by sumocloud.

28.11.2010 Impossible figures with vivid colors by giz183.

27.11.2010 Cartoon on film Inception by Bill Greenhead (Stik).

22.11.2010 Computer image "Teddy" by Andreas Aronsson.

18.11.2010 Shots with Penrose staircase from motion picture film Inception by Christopher Nolan.

15.11.2010 Zodiac signs with impossible figures by Kelvin Coles.

13.11.2010 Computer artworks with impossible figures by Toshiyuki Akanuma.

09.11.2010 Artworks with impossible figures by Harry Turner.

06.11.2010 5 new artworks by Sergey Cherednichenko were appended.

05.11.2010 Computer artwork "Tourist trap" by Erwin Bonsma.

31.10.2010 "Wonder" - computer artwork with impossible hexnut by Oleg Zhevelev.

27.10.2010 Cartoon "Escher economy" with endless staircase by Robert John Matson.

25.10.2010 Animated impossible watrfall in pixel graphics by Yittrium39.
Yet another cover of the MAD magazine with impossible trident.

24.10.2010 Rendered version of Escher's Waterfall by Pavel Shupletsov.
Artworks with impossible architecture by Victor Molev.

23.10.2010 A glass lamp with impossible triangles on it's sides by perelet.
6 new computer artworks by Catherine Palmer.

22.10.2010 Impossible pool in pixel art
Logo of designer from Denmark Mikkel Ørum (Oerum).

20.10.2010 Surrealistic computer artwork "Impossible World", which is inspired by Escher's "Waterfall", by Raul Montecino from Chile.
Computer image "Serpent" by Andreas Aronsson.

19.10.2010 Computer image "The Tub" by Daniele de Nigris.

18.10.2010 Artwork by Istvan Orosz in memory of Benoît B. Mandelbrot.

17.10.2010 Images of Escher inspired buildings, which were created by players in computer game Spore.

14.10.2010 Cartoon "Escher Balloons" with four strange figures by Teddy Tietz.

13.10.2010 An Escher's inspired image "The Spice of Life" by Harro Falkenreck.

10.10.2010 Computer image of impossible triangle by Leroy S. (LeRoyalle).

08.10.2010 Computer student work with impossible stairs by Dylan Leeds.

07.10.2010 Artwork "Love is a Hard Question" with impossible triangle by Chinese artist Jiang Peng.

03.10.2010 A map for computer game Unreal Tournament, which is inspired on Escher's Waterfall,

02.10.2010 Original polish poster of the movie "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" (1988) with impossible triangle.

30.09.2010 Cartoon "M.C. Escher prison" by Falsch von Fluctibus.

29.09.2010 Escher inspired artwork "Olde Mille" by Daniel Newman (Quakerninja).

28.09.2010 New artwork by Ricardo Baigorria "Tribute to Penrose and his Tribar".

25.09.2010 Computer image of impossible triangle with flag by Steven Cihlar (essemcee).
Cartoon with impossible stairs by Stefan Marx.

23.09.2010 Photo montage of impossible ladder by kellye_v.

22.09.2010 Two parodies on Escher's endless staircase with characters of Simpsons series.

21.09.2010 Font with ambiguous impossible letters "Alphabet RendeZvous" by Tsuneo Taniuchi.

19.09.2010 Pixel artwork "Bloodfalls" by DarkWolf95 with inspirations of Escher's waterfall and Doom computer game.

17.09.2010 Computer artwork "Ramps" by Andreas Aronsson.

16.09.2010 Photo montage of impossible fence by buda.

15.09.2010 Logo of Infinite Learning Global Limited, which is based on Penrose triangle.

13.09.2010 Cartoon on M.C. Escher as DJ by David C. Lovelace.

10.09.2010 Photo montage "Zwali's chain" with impossible chain by Jeroen Zwaal.

09.09.2010 Computer image "Art deco structure" by Paul Fleet.

08.09.2010 Cartoon with impossible obstacle course by unknown artist.

07.09.2010 Photo montage with parachute in the form of the impossible triangle by lukthree.

05.09.2010 An artwork with impossible triangle in pixel art style by Valentine Stepanitsky.

03.09.2010 Screenshots from the online game Restaurant City, which can be played on Facebook.

30.08.2010 Computer image "Instructions for impossible shelf unit" by Paul Fleet.
Artwork of impossible shelf by Frans Erens is represented in better quality.

29.08.2010 Many new artworks by Daniele de Nigris were appended.

26.08.2010 Impossible figure with illusion of distortion by rwpike.

25.08.2010 Based on Escher's Relativity artwork with lemmings by Andrew "Bones" Jones.

23.08.2010 A strip with impossible triangle from FoxTrot comics by Bill Amend.
Computer image "Trident" by Andreas Aronsson.
Logo of the film exhibition Perspectiva M.

22.08.2010 Impossible stellated dodecahedron in pixel art by Vlad Alexeev.

21.08.2010 Impossible dodecahedron by Paul Fleet.

18.08.2010 Calendar on 2010 year of the Russian company Gazdevice.

17.08.2010 Cartoon with impossible window by Valentin Dubinin.

16.08.2010 Alphabet with some letters in form of impossible figures by Pat Mehbrei.

15.08.2010 Pixel artwork of endless staircase by Jose Perez (astral-freak).

14.08.2010 Impossible stairs by Paul Fleet.

12.08.2010 Cover of a 2009 sketchbook calendar for the visually intrigued by Robert Ausbourne.

11.08.2010 Artwork, which is based on Escher's Relativity, by Kieran Madden.

07.08.2010 Images based on Escher's artworks on garage door.

06.08.2010 Computer image with impossible corner by Paul Fleet.

05.08.2010 Cartoon based on Escher's Waterfall by Ashley Jackson.

04.08.2010 Computer version of Sandro del Prete's Chessboards by rroger33.

03.08.2010 Artworks with impossible scenes by David Dory.

02.08.2010 Cartoon with endless staircase "Every Which Way But Up" by Designanator.

31.07.2010 Computer image "Magical stairs" by Paul Fleet.

29.07.2010 Cartoon with impossible building by Dave Carpenter.

28.07.2010 "Box 2" - computer image of impossible figure by Andreas Aronsson.

27.07.2010 Computer image of impossible figure by Denis Kuchta.

26.07.2010 "Zwingende Logik" - artwork of impossible construction by Jung Norbert.

21.07.2010 Interactive panorama of the room from Escher's artwork "Relativity" by Nico Roig.

19.07.2010 Computer image by Tirofisso of mechanical hands reparing each other.

18.07.2010 Computer images with broken impossible triangles by Dave Loen (ManeFromSlipflip)

16.07.2010 Poster with impossible bridge by Istvan Orosz.

13.07.2010 Artwork "Symmetrical Landscape" by Ryan James Neal.

12.07.2010 Computer artwork with many impossible triangles "Improbable but Entirely Possible" by Peter Harpley.

11.07.2010 Computer images with impossible figures by Rainer Beihofer.

10.07.2010 Computer image "Impossible geometric architecture" by Paul Fleet.

04.07.2010 Impossible firtree by Istvan Orosz.

03.07.2010 Collages with impossible figures by Valerian Marguery.

01.07.2010 "The Old School Design" - computer artwork by Davidian13 with skull and impossible triangle.

29.06.2010 A photo montage of impossible LEGO puzzle by Kevin Poulton.

27.06.2010 New image by Andreas Aronsson "Tower".
Chaotic artworks with impossible constructions by Michael J. Wiggins.

26.06.2010 Photos of a sand sculpture devoted to art of Escher by Ed Algra.

16.06.2010 New 10 impossible figures were appended to the Figures library.

15.06.2010 New poster with impossible stairs by Istvan Orosz.

08.06.2010 Artwork with impossible construction by David Larcom.

07.06.2010 Poster of the musical festival Nuits Carrees 2010.

05.06.2010 Screenshots from the online RPG game Adventure Quest Worlds.

03.06.2010 Artwork with impossible room by Jos de Mey.
Artwork with impossible cube in clouds by Jos de Mey.
Artwork with pythagoras tree by Jos de Mey.

01.06.2010 Animation film "Mind the steps!" by Istvan Orosz.
A frame with endless staircase from the animation film "Mind the steps!" by Istvan Orosz.

30.05.2010 New artwork with character from Magritte's artwork by Jos de Mey (see the last image).
Cover of a book about art of Jos de Mey.

27.05.2010 Sculptures of impossible figures by Erik Minnema.

26.05.2010 Photomanipulated images of impossible figures, which consist of dices, by Artsmoonika.

21.05.2010 New image "Waves" by Andreas Aronsson (see at the bottom of the page).

19.05.2010 Photo montage of impossible chair by Steve Williams.

16.05.2010 2 new images of impossible figures by Uwe R. Hoeppe were appended (see at the bottom of the page).

14.05.2010 Vector image of impossible columnade and two optical illusions by Iaroslav Lazunov.

11.05.2010 Escher's Waterfall on a tarot card by Ulises Sarry.

10.05.2010 Artworks with impossible contructions by Steve Kreuscher (In God We Trust).

07.05.2010 A 3D animation of impossible figures and a construction, which is based on Escher's Waterfall.

03.05.2010 2 new images of impossible constructions by Deadyeti (see at the bottom of the page).

02.05.2010 Four computer images of impossible figures by Valdis Torms.

01.05.2010 Artwork with impossible constructions by Joe Santana.

25.04.2010 16 new photo montages of impossibe figures in space by Peter Schneeweiß were appended.

24.04.2010 7 new impossible figures by Andreas Aronsson were appended (3 vertical and 4 horizontal).

23.04.2010 CD cover with impossible triangle of album by Reinhard Lakomy.

22.04.2010 Surrealistic artwork with impossible triangle by Salvador Jaramillo.

21.04.2010 Logo of the Russian company Cognitive Technologies (see at the bottom of the page).

19.04.2010 Photo montage with impossible figure by Iván Aguado (lostctrl).

15.04.2010 Wallpaper with impossible triangle in space by Gandalfx.

11.04.2010 Computer artwork "Possible Desert Outpost" with endless staircase by Robin Boer.

06.04.2010 Poster of theatre show "The Stone Guest".

03.04.2010 New version of Escher's Waterfall in pixel art by Brian Gambrell (ToshioMagic) (see at the bottom of the page).

02.04.2010 A new woodcarving by Philip Allin based on Escher's artwork Metamorphoses III.

30.03.2010 Cartoon about war in Iraq with endless staircase by Peter Schrank.

29.03.2010 Two new photo montages with impossible constructions by Erik Johanson (see two last images).

25.03.2010 Artwork with many impossible triangles by Pregiirl123.

24.03.2010 New artwork by Alan King "Room of Illusions 3" (see at the bottom of the page).

22.03.2010 10 new figures were appended to the Figures Library. Now there are 750 different impossible figures.

21.03.2010 Cartoon "Nothing is Real", which is based on Escher's Relativity, by Bob Seal.

20.03.2010 Chinese garden with endless staircase by Melissa Benson.

17.03.2010 Ecological advertising from Indinesia with endless staircase.

14.03.2010 Textured computer images of impossible figures by Francisco Andriani.

12.03.2010 Cover of XIX century book "Ténèbres" by Alcide Morin.

08.03.2010 Cartoon with endless staircase "Victory in Afganistan" by Christian Adams.

07.03.2010 Artwork by Gianni A. Sarcone "Three soldiers" (see at the bottom of the page).

06.03.2010 Screenshots from PlayStation game Chrono Cross from level Dimension Vortex with impossible labyrinth.

05.03.2010 Calendar on 2007 of the Russian company EKRA.
Logotype with impossible figure of the Russian company EKRA (see at the bottom of the page).

28.02.2010 Artworks of double impossible tribars by Uwe R. Hoeppe.

26.02.2010 Six Escher inspired artworks by Sergey Cherednichenko.

25.02.2010 Poster by Alex Ricochet with impossible cube for drum & bass party.

23.02.2010 Escher's waterfall and alien's building in pixel graphics by Calv.
Animated Escher's waterfall with gargoyles by Calv.

21.02.2010 "Impossible string - 26". Artwork by Vicente Meavilla for children (see at the bottom of the page).

19.02.2010 CD cover with endless staircase of the music projec´┐Ż Elevator Music vol. 1.

17.02.2010 Video rolic based on Escher's artworks by Ermanno Nardelli.

13.02.2010 Impossible triangle, which is constructed from baby cubes, by Mark Carrel.

09.02.2010 Artwork "Unexpected First Move" with impossible chessboard by Christopher Bailey.

07.02.2010 New artwork for children by Vicente Meavilla "Greenland - 1" (see at the bottom of the page).
Cartoon with drawing Mickey hands by Luis L. Lemoine.

06.02.2010 Wooden sculpture, which is based on Escher's design, by Philip Allin.

03.02.2010 New artwork for children by Vicente Meavilla "Possible vs Impossible - 2" (see at the bottom of the page).

02.02.2010 11 new figures by Oscar Reutersvärd were appended (see last 4 rows).

31.01.2010 Alphabet with impossible figures by Japanese artist Miwa Miwa.

30.01.2010 New artwork for children by Vicente Meavilla "Impossible Structure" (see at the bottom of the page).

27.01.2010 Photo montages with endless staircases by Neil Rhodes.

24.01.2010 Cartoon "Unity" about impossible figure formation by Reiner Schwalme.

23.01.2010 Computer image with impossible tower by Ivo Brezina (see at the bottom of the page).

18.01.2010 Logos with impossible figures from sites of Luis Lemoine and Damien D.

17.01.2010 Computer artwork "Vase of flowers on an impossible shelf" by Paul Fleet (see at the bottom of the page).

13.01.2010 Cover with endless staircase of the magazine Brummell, which was designed by Adam Pointer.

09.01.2010 A cartoon in form of magazine cover with drawing hands by Wellington Alves.

08.01.2010 LEGO construction of impossible Castle of Illusion by Rod Gillies.

06.01.2010 Photo montage "Mirror" with impossible stairs by David Macdonald.
Theatre poster "Utopie" with endless staircase by David Macdonald.

03.01.2010 30 new impossible figures were appended to the Figures Library. Now, there are 740 different figures in the Figures Library.

02.01.2010 Five new anamorphic artworks with impossible figures by Jan Marcus (see at the bottom of the page).

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