News of 2007

30.12.2007 "Tribute to Jos de Mey" by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

28.12.2007 Two figures by Oscar Reutersvärd were appended

27.12.2007 Impossible figures for children by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

26.12.2007 Numbers with impossible figures by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

24.12.2007 Stereo image "Day and Night" by Robert Stein III based on Escher "High and Low"

23.12.2007 Famous Belgian artist Jos de Mey has died in December 22th

22.12.2007 Four impossible constructions by Brixe created from LEGO constructor

21.12.2007 The rest 12 letters of the alphabet by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

19.12.2007 Alphabet with impossible figures by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

18.12.2007 Two artworks by István Orosz were appended

17.12.2007 13 new artworks by Peter Schneeweiß were appended

16.12.2007 Four new drawings by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

15.12.2007 Photomontage of places at the University Adelaide by Steve Leishman and Peter Quigley.

14.12.2007 10 new figures in the Figures library

13.12.2007 Rendered model of the impossible cube

12.12.2007 LEGO man inside impossible arch by bbzippo

11.12.2007 Four new drawings by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

09.12.2007 Sculptures of impossible figures by Yui Kubo

07.12.2007 Six new drawings by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

06.12.2007 Impossible pioneering projects by Clarke Green

04.12.2007 Photomontage "Hand fixing hand" by Shane Willis

03.12.2007 A collection of impossible figures

02.12.2007 Two new artworks by István Orosz were appended

01.12.2007 A photomontage of impossible summerhouse by Aldo Cavini Benedetti
Two new artworks by Vicente Meavilla Seguí "Triple knot" and "Pythagorean sequence"

29.11.2007 A photo of a model based on "Ascending and Descending" by Aldo Cavini Benedetti
Video rolic with the same model

27.11.2007 Escher's "Waterfall" in isometric perspective by Mama Bear

26.11.2007 Two new artworks by Vicente Meavilla Seguí "Impossible T" and "Three planks"

25.11.2007 Impossible artwork by Siniz

24.11.2007 Three new artworks by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

23.11.2007 Photomontage by David Macdonald "Pregerination"
Article about Devid Macdonald

20.11.2007 Impossible triangle with Möbius strip by Vicente Meavilla Seguí

18.11.2007 Computer artwork "Dragon in front of impossible arch" by Glory3d

17.11.2007 Sculptures of impossible triangles by Dutch artist Matheu Hemaekers

16.11.2007 Smooth impossible triangles by Porrey 61

14.11.2007 Artwork by Laslo Nadvary
New artwork "Holistic Blueprint" by Alan King

12.11.2007 Impossible magic cube

11.11.2007 New artwork "Trinity" by Alan King

10.11.2007 Photo-montage of Escher's Belvedere by Martyn Robertshaw
Photo-montage of crazy crate by Simon Scott

09.11.2007 Impossible figures on calendars

07.11.2007 Cartoon with Escher's Waterfall by Ross P. Kettle

06.11.2007 Collages with impossible figures by Luís D'Alkmin

05.11.2007 Artwork with impossible triangle by Victor Burmin

04.11.2007 Six new artworks by Francis Tabary were appended

05.10.2007 Artwork by Giovanni Piranesi

03.10.2007 Kites with impossible figures by Hermann Paulsen

01.10.2007 20 figures were appended to the Figures library

30.09.2007 Impossible Bridge by Oliver Richtberg

28.09.2007 Impossible montage by Ricardo Baigorria

27.09.2007 Several photos of sculptures of impossible figures by Francis Tabary were appended

24.09.2007 Impossible sculptures by Francis Tabary

23.09.2007 Etch A Sketch Escherian images

22.09.2007 Two photos by Anna Zvonkova of impossible triangle in Perth (Australia) were appended

10.09.2007 IKEA tribar by Gianni A. Sarcone

31.08.2007 The Big Blue Bonus Book cover

12.08.2007 Computer version of Escher's "Relativity"

04.08.2007 "Rasterstructuur" artwork by Jos de Mey

03.08.2007 A sculpture of Escher's "Waterfall"

02.08.2007 Escher stair by Chris Detmer

31.07.2007 Impossible scaffolding photo by Juan Luis García

28.07.2007 Six new artworks by Jos de Mey

27.07.2007 Imposssible figures with illusion of motion by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

26.07.2007 Basic article about impossible figures

24.07.2007 Alien with impossible triangle

22.07.2007 Cartoon with joggers on the staircase by Zandstra
Anamorphic art by Istv&aaucte;n Orosz

20.07.2007 Impossible triangle composed with dices by Donald C. Martin

17.07.2007 A variation of Escher's Belvedere by Adam Katz

16.07.2007 Computer art by Stefano Selleri

15.07.2007 Structural Topology magazine cover

14.07.2007 Echochrome game trailer

13.07.2007 Escher's "Relativity" in pixel art

12.07.2007 Flash video with impossible figures from YouTube

09.07.2007 Two wood artworks by Philip Allin were appended

06.07.2007 Computer variation of Escher' "Relativity" with bright light

01.07.2007 Computer graphics by Zsolt Miclós KOVÁCS-VAJNA

29.06.2007 Impossible scaffolding
Artworks by Alan King

27.06.2007 A very large gallery of images with impossible figures in space environment by Peter Schneeweiß

25.06.2007 A logo Ukranian company "Mir stekla"

23.06.2007 Computer art of Alan King

22.06.2007 Impossible triangle generated with Prima toolkit

20.06.2007 CD cover of music project Synthetik "The Mind's Eye" with two impossible triangles

19.06.2007 A computer version of Escher's "Relativity" by Michael Domaradzki

18.06.2007 Kites with shapes of impossible triangles

17.06.2007 Artwork by Jos de Mey
Two figures by Oscar Reutervärd

16.06.2007 Quilts with impossible figures by Karen Kombs

15.06.2007 A variation of Escher's "Relativity" by Guillome

14.06.2007 Impossible triangle by Dan Lawellin

12.06.2007 Lisa Simpson's impossible object

12.06.2007 Impossible figures on CD covers

12.06.2007 Logo of Visual Learning Systems

10.06.2007 Three sculptures by Shigeo Fukuda

09.06.2007 A montage with Escher's Waterfall in Italian landscape

08.06.2007 The artwork by flemish artist Abel Grimmer "The Flemish Proverbs"

07.06.2007 A montage based on chair by Vincent van Gogh "Vincent M. van Escher"

06.06.2007 "Impossible village" by Japanese illustrator Mitsumasa Anno

04.06.2007 Many etchings by Istvan Orosz were appended: page 1, page 2

03.06.2007 A photo of Penrose triangle with LEGO people by Max Gianni

02.06.2007 Impossible temple by unknown artist

01.06.2007 A new impossible quilt by Julie Maas

30.05.2007 Wood artworks by Philip Allin and Daniele Parasecolo

29.05.2007 A caricature by Jolyon Troscianko

27.05.2007 Two cartoons were appended by Mike Flanagan and Bernd Haberl

26.05.2007 Escher's "Waterfall" as metaphor for global financial architecture

23.05.2007 Photos of sculptures of impossible figures by Frank Miedreich created from wood

21.05.2007 William Hogarth biography

15.05.2007 The montage of the photo of the celebration hall of the cemetery in Berlin

14.05.2007 Now, there are 500 figures in the Figure Library

11.05.2007 "The cat with Escher's enigma" by deya_g

08.05.2007 Artworks by Dirk Huizer were appended

04.05.2007 A new artwork by Jos de Mey was appended

03.05.2007 A kite with shape of impossible triangle

29.04.2007 Article by Zenon Kupla "Putting order into impossible"

27.04.2007 Rendering of crazy crate by Roel Veldhuyzen

24.04.2007 Eschersque montage by Robert Dalton

19.04.2007 A computer copy of Escher's lithograph "High and low" by Sander Wit

12.04.2007 Artworks by Rick Lovell

09.04.2007 Impossible artwork by Nathan Kroon

06.04.2007 Article about Borromean rings

05.04.2007 Logos by Zenon Kulpa

01.04.2007 Artwork by Irvine Peacock with waterfall castle was appended

30.03.2007 Anamorphic art by Kelly M. Houle

28.03.2007 10 figures appended to figures library

24.03.2007 Images by Duncan Birmingham were appended

23.03.2007 Now you can search impossible figures

17.03.2007 Computer copy of Escher's "Belvedere" by Bozozo

11.03.2007 Computer artwork by Roel Veldhuyzer

07.03.2007 Arworks by Zenon Kulpa

20.02.2007 Regular impossible structures by Rinus Roelofs

16.02.2007 A collage with more than 10 fragments of Escher's artworks

13.02.2007 Impossible pixel-art image

10.02.2007 Photos of crop circle with Penrose triangle

08.02.2007 Starbucks Relativity
Two paintings by Bruno Ernst

04.02.2007 Impossible images by Dean Thorpe

02.02.2007 Computer artwork by Pawel Hynek with impossible cube

20.01.2007 An artwork by Roger Shepard and his biography was appended

16.01.2007 Spherical artworks by Dick Termes

12.01.2007 9 artworks by Oscar Reutersvärd were appended

11.01.2007 Two artworks by Jos de Mey were appended

07.01.2007 There are 460 images in the figures library

02.01.2007 Two artworks by Hosé María Yturralde were appended

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